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Router Protocol Development Update Reveals what is Going on with the Project

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Router Protocol

Router Protocol is one of the crypto industry’s cross-chain liquidity aggregator platforms. The platform was built to offer a seamless bridging infrastructure between the current and emerging blockchain solutions — Layer 1 and Layer 2. The project’s goal is to enable users to seamlessly swap assets between different networks, and it continues to perfect its technology in order to achieve this goal.

The project’s latest efforts were described in a newly-published development update that the project revealed yesterday, July 7th, announcing it on Twitter.

What is new with Router Protocol?

In a detailed review of its activities in the first week of July, published on its Medium, the project noted four new developments that took place in the first seven days of July. The first of the four concerns automation of stuck transaction processing, as the project noted that some of the transactions that users were trying to make ended up getting stuck due to various reasons.

These could include anything, from gas-related issues to RPC, and more. Regardless of what caused the transaction to get stuck, the project now came up with a solution by adding retries on such transactions, so that none will get stuck permanently again.

Moving on, the project also added several bug fixes for its Voyager, its cross-chain bridge, which saw several minor issues after its launch. The problems were primarily discovered and reported by the Router Protocol’s users and community members, and the project did not waste any time in patching them up. Speaking of Voyager, the project also added the same chain swaps with different destinations to it.

Finally, the last of the four new upgrades come in the form of Sample UI implementation for JS SDK. Router Protocol noted that it is nearing completion on creating a sample UI that would have JS SDK integrated, which will allow partners to quickly fork the code and integrate it with their own user interface.

What is next for Router Protocol?

The project also announced its plans for the future, specifying that it will be focusing on several new things moving forward, such as the improvements of Router Crosstalk. The project has already made advancements in this regard, and is now continuing the initiative, with plans to allow users to sequence their fund transfers and instruction transfers, and developing a script for setting up fees-related configurations for cross-chain messaging. They are also focusing on voting optimization, with the goal of reducing the overall voting cost by making it more scalable.

Next, the project intends to continue efforts regarding the integration of curve AMM-like implementations on its pathfinder, and give more optimization on the prices. Another big thing is Firebird integration on Cronos. Firebird is a DEX aggregator on Cronos, which is meant to help when it comes to providing better trades on the Cronos blockchain. Finally, it is also working on developing fee module upgrades for UI-related charges.

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