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Easy Crypto Review – Is it Legit? (April 2024)

Regulated in Australia, New Zealand & South Africa

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Fees: 1% Trading Fee

Best For: Australians, Kiwis & South Africans

Warning: Trading in cryptocurrency is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk. It is possible to lose all your capital. These products may not be suitable for everyone and you should ensure that you understand the risks involved. Seek independent advice if necessary. Speculate only with funds that you can afford to lose.

Easy Crypto is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that has been around since 2017. During that period, the exchange has become established and well-trusted among traders. They have regulations in place within several key jurisdictions and offer a good range of cryptocurrencies for trading. 

Here, in our full Easy Crypto review, we will take a closer look at the company and what they have to offer in the most important areas so you can make a fully informed choice when trading with them.


  • Great range of cryptocurrencies to choose from
  • Well-regulated in multiple countries
  • No minimum deposit needed
  • Easy to use trading platform


  • Limited technical trading features
  • Higher fees than some other exchanges



Though they are a reasonably new company, having been founded in 2017, there are a number of favorable points to consider when it comes to trust in Easy Crypto as an exchange. The first key aspect is that they are based, and regulated in Australia by AUSTRAC. They also have regulations in place from several other countries including New Zealand, South Africa, and Brazil.

Beyond this regulation creating a safe trading environment where all KYC and AML regulations are followed, the company also protects your held assets by providing you the ability to store them in cold storage, hardware wallet. This protects your holding entirely from any kind of hacking. 

Finally, on the transactional side, the exchange has enabled 2-factor authentication for accessing your account. Your email address linked to the account also has to be verified in order to access it. From the company themselves, they also have no history of compliance breaches or being hacked since starting in 2017. 

Investment Products


Easy Crypto does have a comprehensive selection of assets for you to choose from even if this does not quite match the level of some of the major exchanges. They are continuing to add more assets all the time though. Presently, you can trade more than 140+ cryptocurrencies. 

Of these cryptocurrencies on offer, you can find all of the major names including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others. You will also find a very healthy choice range of altcoins. These are increasing in popularity and the exchange continues to improve the range they offer, adding more as they become available.

When it comes to the base currencies available and those you can use to trade crypto with, you will find that AUD, NZD, and ZAR are all supported. Purchasing through Easy Crypto is made very simple and you can use their instant buy and sell function to purchase without holding your money on the exchange. They also provide the capability to set up auto purchasing of cryptocurrencies if this is something you wish to do.

Commissions and Fees


Firstly, the rate that you see displayed on Easy Crypto is the inclusive price you will pay for the asset. The trading fees are very good value considering the type of instant service offered. This fee is a flat 1% in Australia and other places the service is offered. 

On deposit and withdrawal fees, you will also be glad to note that there are no such fees charged by Easy Crypto. The exchange is also transparent in disclosing these fees through their website. Overall, they have in place a very competitive fee rate for trading. 

Though there are no direct fees for deposits or withdrawals from the broker side, you will always want to double-check with your payment method or bank whether they charge any fees. Also, if you are trading with a non-supported fiat base currency, then you may encounter a small conversion fee.

Trading Platforms


The process of trading through Easy Crypto is extremely simple. The trading platform itself is very easy to navigate, helped by the fact the exchange operates a non-custodial service. You will quickly land on the trading pages and platform where you can simply click on the asset, enter the amount you would like to purchase, and make the trade in a very instant fashion. 

The layout of the trading platform itself is ideal if you are new to trading or are simply interested in expediting the process without getting into a deep analysis of charts and indicators. Basic charting features are offered, but this is not close to what you may find with some of the other major cryptocurrency exchanges. This may be suitable for some, while other, more advanced, or detail-oriented traders may feel a lack of depth. 

Overall, if you are looking for a trading platform that is simply laid out, efficient, and easy to get to grips with, you will be happy with what Easy Crypto has to offer. As they continue to add more features, the platform itself also continues to expand. For now though, it retains an intuitive feel.

Customer Support


Easy Crypto can be contacted in a number of ways if you require support. The first thing you should do is head to the contact section of the exchange. Once there, you will find three available options for support. 

You can check out their detailed FAQ section first of all. This may help you answer some of the most commonly asked trading questions without needing any further contact. You will also have a dedicated help center available. Here you will be able to find tips, articles, and guides, on how to solve many issues or problems that can arise. 

Finally, if you are still searching for answers, you may contact the support team through a ticketing system. This is typically responded to promptly, and with the answers you require. 



Overall, Easy Crypto, while being relatively new in the industry, ticks many boxes for traders. The service is secure, fast, efficient, and with relatively low fees for what is provided. One of the major points of attraction when it comes to the exchange is the trusted regulation they have in place in Australia and others places. 

With a strong infrastructure in place and a good range of choices when it comes to available assets, Easy Crypto has come a long way for such a young company. Continuing on this trajectory will undoubtedly see their popularity continue to increase.