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Polemos Teams Up with Illuvium to Integrate it into their Ecosystem



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Polemos Teams Up with Illuvium to Integrate it into their Ecosystem

Illuvium, a long-anticipated metaverse game built on Ethereum’s network, recently announced its official partnership with another project called Polemos. Until now, Illuvium has served as Polemos’ advisor, but now, the two are becoming actual partners with the goal of achieving excellence in integrating Illuvium into Polemos’ ecosystem.

Details about the partnership

Like Illuvium, Polemos is also a blockchain project that functions as a GameFi platform. Its focused on pushing the adoption of the metaverse, community engagement, the dominance of eSports, and more. The project published its own partnership announcement on its Medium page, offering greater insight into what is to be expected.

According to the publication, Illuvium will be joining forces with Polemos to assist in its ascension to the pinnacle of GameFi. Illuvium is actually uniquely positioned in the metaverse sector, being the first-ever AAA title built on Ethereum’s network.

Polemos further noted that the two projects have been involved heavily with one another over the years, primarily due to the fact that two of its high-ranking officials Sascha Zehe (executive) and Jeff Marthers (Operations) both served as Illuvium Lead Moderators and two-time council members.

Thanks to these ties, Polemos has vast insight and a deep relationship with the other project, which will help guide its members and eSports champions to greater success simply through curated services that will optimize strategy and efficiency. For now, GameFi is still a brand new section of the crypto industry, with limited capabilities, but endless potential.

Illuvium’s partnership with Polemos will allow the two companies to start exploring that potential and reveal new possibilities in this sector. Furthermore, Polemos’ involvement with Illuvium will allow the project to own multiple lands and hold numerous Polemos-branded Illuvium Cosplay Stabbin NFTs. However, the project also noted that it plans to invest in other game assets, as well.

Furthermore, the project also noted that it will launch day one of Illuvium with a total of three networks of players. The first one will be a large integrated network drawn from the global workforce of another partner, AsianLogic. The second will be a network led by a community of players sourced via Discord and its own recruitment programs. Finally, the third network will consist of a team of elite gamers, drawn from some of the largest and most respected titles around the world.

As for Illuvium, it will also be a key player in Polemos’ own ecosystem and its development. The project has its own University, which will offer numerous courses that cater to teaching the community about Illuvium. It will even be able to offer scholarships, staking, renting within its Armory, and more.

All in all, the partnership promises to be extremely beneficial for both projects, but also for the sector itself. As mentioned, it will certainly allow the partners to go deeper into blockchain gaming, the metaverse, and GameFi itself. They will likely be able to identify new opportunities and possibilities that went unnoticed so far, and set up an example for the rest of the blockchain gaming industry to follow.

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