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Infinito Wallet to integrate Blockpass, bringing Support for Security Tokens

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Infinito Wallet to Support Security Tokens

In a recent press release, Blockpass and Infinito Wallet have announced a new partnership.  This alliance will see Infinito Wallet integrate KYC solutions provided by Blockpass, which will allow for the support of various security token protocols.

The duo makes it clear that this move is intended to bring ease-of-access to digital securities.  As the market is prime to be flooded with digital securities within 2019, the move is one of anticipation.

Beyond just security tokens, the Infinito Wallet currently supports various utility tokens.  Through the addition of security tokens, the current 300,000 users of the wallet will benefit greatly.


Founded in 2017, Blockpass is based out of Hong Kong.  The company specializes in development blockchain-based solutions with regards to regulation and compliance.  It is through the use of their KYC solution that the Infinito Wallet will gain the ability to support security tokens.

Blockpass CEO, Adam Vaziri, commented on the partnership.  He stated, “Security tokens continue to be the focus of discussions for the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems and we are committed to improving access to this promising technological development. Our longstanding partners, Infinito Wallet, were perfectly suited to work with us to provide this regulatory compliant solution which will give users control in such a vital area. We are excited to be at the forefront of the security token revolution.”

Beyond this partnership, Blockpass has recently been in the news for their other developments within the digital securities sector.  Whether securing contracts with GoSecurity, or spreading the word on STOs at various STO conferences, Blockpass clearly believes in the future of digital securities.

Infinito Wallet

Founded in 2017, Infinito Wallet is based out of the UK.  With a product currently gaining traction, the team has looked to Blockpass to continue along the path.

The team at Infinito totals over 70 individuals.  Each of them with specialties allowing for the creation of a diverse offering.

Infinito Wallets Project Director, Thang Nguyen, commented on the integration of Blockpass, stating, “Today’s announcement with identity system leader Blockpass is another solid step in building our authority in the security token space and consolidating our position as leader in the cryptocurrency wallet ecosystem. Partnering with Blockpass will allow Infinito Wallet users to store, send, receive and utilize their security token.”


In recent weeks, the world of security tokens has seen various new wallets announce intent for their integration.  Most notably, industry-favourite wallet, Ledger, announced a partnership with NeuFund.

It is clear that with the rapid development of various trading platforms and issuance frameworks, wallet providers want to be ready for the upcoming flood of digital securities.  These companies do not want to be left behind, once these tokens become common place.  They do not want to be unable to offer their customer base a solution for their storage needs.

Joshua Stoner is a multi-faceted working professional. He has a great interest in the revolutionary 'blockchain' technology.