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How Lition Utilizes Blockchain, AI, and IoT for a Greener Future




Lition Green Energy

The developers behind the Lition platform seek to tackle the root causes of climate change head-on. Climate change continues to wreak havoc on a global scale. Recognizing both the need for change and the lack of government involvement, Lition stepped in to revolutionize the clean energy sector.

Climate change continues to occur at an unprecedented rate. Since the start of the 20th century, global sea levels have increased significantly. A recent story published in National Geographic highlighted found that sea levels have increased by almost 8 inches in some parts of the world. This rise in water levels destroys islands and coastal cities.

Additionally, the costs of rising seas are unavoidable. A recent study published by Science Daily places the cost of rising sea levels at around $14 trillion per year by 2100. The study explains that if greenhouse gas levels are not put in check immediately, these costs could reach a staggering $27 trillion a year in damages.

Enter Lition

Lition provides users with a more transparent and flexible clean energy model. The platform uses a combination of the worlds most advanced technologies to improve green energy distribution, use, and monitoring. Currently, electric company clients have little to no monitoring capabilities regarding the exact energy use of their appliances.

Lition seeks to change this lack of transparency in major ways. The company is in operation in 11 German cities. This equates to around 41 million households within the country. Lition users gain some hard to beat advantages over their traditional counterparts.

Lition via Twitter

Lition on Twitter

For one, Lition users gain the ability to monitor exactly how much energy their home is using via the platform’s web portal or mobile app. Users can see exactly when their electricity is costing them the most. Additionally, Lition users can buy their electricity from a number of participating clean energy providers.

The flexibility to choose where to get your energy from helps to reduce the overall costs to consumers. Users typically save 30% when compared to the local electric company. If those savings aren’t enough to get you motivated, you can also purchase your clean energy directly from other users in the network. This provides users with the most flexibility when making their energy purchase decisions.


The Lition platform utilizes a combination of blockchain technology and advanced AI algorithms in order to reduce overall costs and electrical consumption. Users can set their home to automatically begin reducing electrical consumption based on the time of day.


To take your savings a step further, Lition integrates the IoT. These smart devices can speak directly to the Lition platform. This allows users to know exactly how much electricity a particular appliance is using. Also, users can even program their smart devices to only operate during off-peak hours. This strategy effectively reduces user’s electricity costs even more.

Experience Counts

Berlin-based Lition is the brainchild of Dr. Richard Lohwasser. Dr. Lohwasser was inspired to create this platform after spending ten years in the energy. Here, he realized the shortcomings of the current systems in place. Speaking publicly, Dr. Lohwasser praised his platform’s efficiency and transparency. He even went as far as to say that there is now no way for producers to “sneak dirty coal energy into a clean energy mix.”

A Clean Future

As the world speedily heads towards an environmental crisis the likes of which have never been seen in modern times, it’s crucially important that platforms such as Lition take the reins. Lition is the perfect combination of good intentions, blockchain technology, AI, and IoTs. You should expect to see this platform experience huge expansion in the coming year.

David Hamilton is a full-time journalist and a long-time bitcoinist. He specializes in writing articles on the blockchain. His articles have been published in multiple bitcoin publications including

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