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Gala Games NFTs can Now be Traded on OpenSea



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Gala Games, a blockchain project that aims to take gaming in an entirely different direction, just announced earlier today that its secondary market collection is now available on OpenSea. The project wanted to provide users with the full Web3 experience, which is why it is making its NFTs easy to access at the largest NFT marketplace in the industry.

Gala continues its mission to revolutionize gaming

With the rise of NFTs and metaverse, the world of Web3 games finally got all necessary requirements to grow. It now offers reward-based economies and player ownership of games and in-game assets, and it is all coming together before the crypto industry members’ eyes. Gala Games, also known as just Gala (GALA) is one of the leading projects in this sector, with the intention of providing players with real ownership of all in-game items that they purchase.

The project already has many excellent gaming projects that are either in development or nearing release, and it is thrilled to see its vision of player empowerment becoming a reality.

However, as the project mentioned in its blog post, the ability to trade assets on secondary markets at any time is one of the main goals of Gala, and it lives at the heart of its Web3 mission. Gala also believes that the new way of trading gaming assets will allow people to experience new level of freedom in gaming, which is what led to its partnership with OpenSea.

Gala and OpenSea

Ever since it originally emerged, Gala has been claiming that it is, and it will always be, a games-first company. However, with the rise of digital assets and blockchain products such as NFTs, the project has found that it is beneficial to establish and maintain a strong, professional relationship with the world’s leading P2P marketplace for digital assets. With that in mind, and in the interest of focusing on what is best, the project has decided to team up with OpenSea.

The result of the team-up is the launch of its official Gala Games secondary market collections. This is beneficial for Gala, OpenSea, and the users. But, more than that, it is in the spirit of Web3, which depends on interoperability. In other words, the easier it is for users to experience blockchain products across the industry, the more the projects grow together, and the closer the Web3 comes to taking off.

Naturally, OpenSea is the absolute, unchallenged leader among P2P markets for digital assets, which is why there was no real debate when the time came for Gala to make its move and launch the secondary market collection.

In its announcement, the project also provided a list to serve as a reference for all official Gala OpenSea collections. Most of the collectibles are verified, but if there are some that are not — users can confirm their legitimacy by consulting the list.

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