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FVNDIT to Host $10M Digital Security Offering through Securitize

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$10M DSO

FVNDIT, a company focused on providing Vietnamese SMEs with growth capital, will be hosting an upcoming digital security offering (DSO). This DSO will be undertaken with the goal of raising $10 million USD.

This offering will be undertaken in an attempt to raise capital, for the continued development of the FVNDIT platform and services.

FVNDIT has identified a major problem experienced by SMEs in emerging markets – a lack of access to capital. This problem, unfortunately, sidelines many companies with high potential. FVNDIT has noted that it is normal for SMEs to often be required to wait over 3 months when receiving invoice capital. Through the development of their services, they are able to offer SMEs this capital in as little as 24hrs, giving SMEs much needed flexibility in their operations. FVNDIT calls this ‘post-invoice financing’, and believes that their solution can greatly help the nearly 40% of SMEs noted to view financing access as an obstacle.

Token Details

The token to be released, FVND, will be based off of the Ethereum blockchain, and provide its holders with a proportionate share of equity. This means that its holders are also entitled to financial rights and dividends garnered by the company.

This entire process is being facilitated by Securitize, and their DS-Protocol. Beyond providing the ability to host the sale itself, Securitize will also provide continued management of these issued assets throughout their lifecycle.

To reach their goal, this DSO has been structured to remain compliant in the United States. The proceedings are being offered under Reg. D, and Reg. S, of the SEC.


Upon announcing their upcoming DSO, Tan Tran, CEO of Fvndit, took the time to comment on the goals of the company.

Tan Tran stated,

“As a technology company, we strive to be innovative and transparent, bringing trust and confidence to investors interested in our growing business. Investors will now receive shares, represented by tokens, with asset-backed US-based security and an unprecedented level of transparency that’s extremely important for investing in a rising emerging market…Infusing technology into all aspects of our business from raising capital for growth to the front and back of our operations is a key focus in our overall strategy.”     


FVNDIT is based in both California and Vietnam. Operations were launched in 2018, under the watch of CEO, Tan Tran.

The overall mission of FVNDIT is to develop methods providing frictionless access to capital for SMEs, through the use of next-gen technologies. In doing so, FVNDIT hopes to ‘level the playing field for small businesses located in emerging markets and to provide them with simplified financial services at the click of a button.”

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