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Entoro Eyes Secondary Markets Through Partnership with Unicorn




Team Effort

Entoro Capital and Unicorns Exchange have just announced a newly formed strategic partnership. This partnership was forged with the goal of providing asset liquidity to clients of Entoro, through secondary trading made possible by Unicorn’s Exchange.


Those that will benefit from this partnership are companies which make use of Entoro’s service, known as ‘OfferBoard’. While built to provide qualified investors access to pre-vetted startups, this move essentially turns OfferBoard into a fully functional marketplace, offering liquidity through trading.

Have It Your Way

An intriguing aspect of this combination of services, is that they will be made available to, not only traditional securities, but to digital securities as well – bringing the move in line with Entoro’s mission to provide clients with modern solutions.


Representatives from each, Entoro and Unicorn, took the time to comment on this partnership in their press release. The following is what each had to say.

James C. Row, Managing Partner, stated,

“We believe this is an excellent addition for Entoro because it greater diversifies the offerings on our offering platform, OfferBoard®, and attracts a larger variety of investors. OfferBoard® already has oil and gas deals and tech-company offerings for preferred equity and convertible notes…Adding shares of Pre-IPO companies with the option to digitize them on a blockchain furthers Entoro’s agenda as a leader in the financial and blockchain ecosystem.”

Idan Miller, Founder and CEO of Unicorns Exchange, stated,

“In today’s ecosystem, where more companies are choosing to stay private for longer periods, shareholders have to wait longer to liquidate their shares. On the other hand, the significant valuation increase that occurs prior to an IPO or exit is not accessible to traditional investors…The goal is to allow investors to join the scale-up valuation ride by investing in shares of these pre-IPO companies prior to their liquidity event.” 

Entoro Capital

Entoro is a Texan company, headquartered in Houston. This global investment bank offers a variety of services through the use of traditional and modern technology. Through the use of blockchain technology, Entoro has begun to tackle the world of digital securities – as made evident through partnerships with companies such as Vertalo, and the one discussed here today.

Company operations are overseen by Managing Partner, James C. Row – a 25yr veteran in the world of finance.

Unicorn Exchange

Unicorn’s Exchange was founded in 2019, which maintains headquarters in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. Above all, this exchange specializes in providing solutions for secondary market trading. Their ‘white-label’ solutions are tailor built to allow bridging between buyers and sellers of a variety of assets.

Company operations are overseen by Founder, and CEO, Idan Miller.

In Other News

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