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Enticing Regulations Bring TokenSoft to Europe

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European Expansion

TokenSoft, the Californian digital securities issuance platform, has just announced their immediate expansion into Europe.

Details of the Deal

This expansion is structured as a licencing deal, which will see Tokensoft International AG utilize, and distribute, the tech stack developed, to date.

Tokensoft notes that the following capabilities are now on offer, within Europe, due to this arrangement.

  • Custody solutions
  • Customized compliance capabilities
  • Securities processing infrastructure


Upon announcing this development, TokenSoft CEO, Mason Borda, took the time to explain their rationale. He stated,

“We’re seeing increased demand in the European markets and we’re proud to partner with Tokensoft International AG to help meet that demand…This partnership aligns with our vision to restore integrity in the financial markets by accelerating the transfer of assets onto the blockchain, internationally.”

Following Suit

Interestingly, Tokensoft notes that clear regulations within various European nations played a role in the decision for this expansion.

This is not overly surprising, as companies, big and small, have been stating this for months now.  While various U.S. companies find themselves embroiled in lawsuits, stemming from regulatory interpretation issues, we have seen everyone, from Libra to DigiMax, and now Tokensoft, make inroads into Europe.

We recently touched on how companies are realigning their efforts with European regulations, highlighting the restructuring of Smartlands.

Smartlands Begins Realignment with Eyes on Liechtenstein Blockchain Act

Regulatory Clarity

Europe is a large continent.  Not every nation has had the foresight to develop clear laws surrounding blockchain and digital securities.  The following pair, however, are commonly viewed as being the most progressive in this respect.

  • Switzerland
  • Liechtenstein


Founded in 2018, TokenSoft maintains operations in San Francisco, California.  Above all, TokenSoft works to develop solutions for the digital securities sector.  These include services ranging from issuance, to custody, and more.

CEO, Mason Borda, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

News surrounding TokenSoft is not relegated to that which we’ve discussed here today.  The company has been busy over the past year, taking multiple steps forward.  A recent example of this would be the decision of TokenSoft to join the Blockchain Association.  We recently took a look at why this decision was made, and what the Blockchain Association has to offer.

The Blockchain Association Grows with Addition of TokenSoft