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DealBox Seeks to Integrate DigitalNames into Security Token Sector




DealBox Seeks to Integrate DigitalNames into Security Token Sector

As the security token sector continues to expand, blockchain users need an easier way to contact, keep track of, and send and receive payments to individuals. One creative startup, DigitalNames believes that they have the solution to this problem.

DigitalNames wants to give every blockchain user a digital identity that links directly to their accounts. The concept is simple, sign up with the platform. Once you are registered, you can attach your blockchain payment information. The platform only needs your public keys to add each wallet.

Now, choose your digital identity. This identity will resemble something like this – $DavidtheWriter. Users that seek to send you funding can enter your digital id directly into the google search engine. Your id will pop up with all your relevant payment information.

DigitalNames seeks to become the industry leader in digital identification services. The firm believes that as the blockchain sector expands, users will require an easier method to make payments. For example, security token owners can use the service to simplify verification services.

Thomas Carter – DigitalNames

DigitalNames is the brainchild of long-time FinTech pioneer, Thomas Carter. Carter made a name for himself in the blockchain space as the CEO of DealBox. DealBox is an innovative tokenized securities platform. The platform allows a business to issue, trade, and manage tokenized assets in a compliant manner.

CEO of DigitalNames - Thomas Carter via Twitter

CEO of DigitalNames – Thomas Carter via Twitter

In a recent interview, Carter spoke on the excitement level surrounding the event. He cited how the Domain Name System (DNS) played a critical role in the expansion of the internet. The 30-year old CEO believes that the DigitalNames platform can play much the same role in the adoption of cryptocurrencies.


One of the most impressive features DigitalNames offers is the fact that it integrates into all major platforms including Facebook, PayPal, and Apple Pay. Also, a host of blockchain firms, including Binance, Coinbase, and Huobi will accept the service. The developers seek to see this Dapp used across the entire sector. Additionally, it can function with a large variety of digital fiat wallets.

Stellar Lumens XLR

DealBox utilizes a Stellar Lumens-based protocol. This variation allows developers to create fully compliant tokens. These tokens remain compliant throughout its lifecycle, including trading on the secondary market.

Premier Digital Name Market

Most interestingly, developers see the birth of a new market. The premier digital name market could generate huge profits, as companies and individuals hash it out over the best digital ids. Think of your digital name as your own digital real estate. As the scarcity increases, the price for your premium digital name rises.

Triple Level Security

Obviously, you are going to need a platform with advanced security if you intend to link all your crypto and digital accounts. Developers invoked a triple-level security protocol for DigitalNames. This protocol includes instant wallet notifications and 2-factor authorization.


The DigitalNames concept is right on-time. The market is now at the point where both businesses and individuals want personalized digital identification. If successful, DigitalNames could play an integral role in crypto adoption moving forward.

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