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Celer Network Cross-Chain Campaign Ends, but Participants are not Done Yet



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Celer Network, a blockchain interoperability protocol that enables users to access tokens, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, governance, and more across different chains with a single click, just concluded its cBridge celebratory campaign. The campaign was meant to celebrate the project’s participation in the Arbitrum Odyssey with Celer cBridge acting as Arbitrum’s third-party cross-chain bridge.

However, now the campaign is over, and users who have participated need to provide their wallet address to the project in order to receive their payments.

Celer Network warned users that they must do it before June 30th at 01:00 UTC. Failure to submit will mean an automatic disqualification. After this period ends, the project will start the distribution of CELR rewards, which will also happen tomorrow, on June 30th.

However, this will not be the case with Arbitrum-based NFTs, which will be distributed by Arbitrum itself. The NFTs will be distributed over the next two months, ending on August 22nd at 16:59 UTC.

With the Arbitrum integration, cBridge was officially connected to 13 different chains, including Arbitrum itself, as well as Ethereum, Astar, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Oasis Emerald, Aurora, Moonriver, Harmony, Boba Network, and Optimism. According to Celer Network, using cBridge to bridge assets to Arbitrum in any of Odyssey’s upcoming events will allow users to continue to enjoy the bridging fee reduction, as well.

Another campaign is coming to an end

Apart from the Arbitrum campaign, Celer Network also offered users the chance to participate in the ImToken’s Learn And Earn 2 Campaign. Yesterday, June 28th, the project reminded users that they have only 3 more days to join the campaign. This period will end with the end of June, and those who apply before that will be able to try to pass the quizzes that were prepared for the campaign.

Doing so will allow them to earn rewards, which are not exactly huge — around $10 in CELR — but they still represent a great way to earn some crypto without having to do much, other than participating in a quiz.

The two campaigns running side-by-side and including Celer Network has brought some attention to the coin, whose price shot up on June 24th. Prior to this date, Celer was bouncing up and down between $0.015 and $0.016. However, on June 24th, the price surged to $0.02238, although only for a short period.

It soon corrected back to $0.018 on June 25th, and while this level briefly acted as a support that prevented the price from dropping further down, it eventually still returned to $0.015, which is where it sits right now. So, despite the attention and activity that two campaigns running simultaneously brought, the bearish market seems to still be quite strong and unforgiving.

Still, CELR has been a lot lower only 10 days ago, sitting at the support at $0.012, so the current level is still an improvement.

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