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Blockport Partners with Tokeny on STO

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Blockport Partners with Tokeny on STO 2

The hybrid decentralized exchange Blockport announced the official start of its highly anticipated STO. According to a recent press release, Blockport will commence the first stage of its STO on April 5th.  The firm seeks to raise €5 million in funding from both US and European investors.

If successful, Blockport will continue their fundraising campaign across three stages. These stages will range from private, to public STOs. The firm has set a total goal of €30 million for the campaign. Investors from both the US and the EU can invest in the STO with one exception. Only accredited US-investors may participate in the event.

Blockport Securities

Blockport investors will receive security tokens called Blockport Securities. These tokens are fully compliant and directly linked to company shares. All token holders receive economic rights and dividends from their investment. These tokens remain fully compliant throughout its life cycle. Consequently, Blockport Securities tokens cannot be transferred without first meeting the current securities regulatory requirements.


Blockport partnered with the token launch platform Tokeny to ensure token compliance. Tokeny will issue these security tokens using its native T-REX standard. T-REX tokens are similar to ERC-20 tokens but with additional regulatory requirements integrated directly into the tokens protocol.

Tokeny via Homepage 2

Tokeny via Homepage


The T-REX token standard entered the market in December 2017. T-REX tokens utilize a specific set of optimized tools to allow for the interoperable, frictionless and compliant transfer of tokenized securities. Speaking on the decision to utilize Tokeny, Blockport's CEO, Kai Bennink explained why Tokeny was the perfect fit.

Bennink pointed out Tokeny's proven record of success in the market. He took a moment to praise the platform. During his interview, he called Tokeny a “renowned institution.” He described how Tokeny's network and experience made the firm an easy choice. Now, Tokeny will oversee the entire Blockport STO utilizing a combination of systems including:

  • Identity Management
  • Validation Certificates
  • Transfer Management

Tokeny's CEO, Luc Falempin, also spoke on the strategic partnership. He described how the new venture expands Tokeny's reach further into the European market. Notably, he took a moment to explain why tokenized securities are better than their traditional counterparts. Falempin highlighted how tokenized securities offer more private opportunities to a wider pool of investors


The Blockport exchange is licensed and regulated out of Amsterdam. This exchange allows European investors to purchase cryptocurrency directly using euros. The platform is available in both desktop and mobile versions.

Blockport users are privy to a number of unique features including auto-pilot. In the auto-pilot mode, your account follows the professional investor of your choosing. Here, new investors can gain insight and profits as they learn how to further their trading strategies.

A Pro-Crypto EU

As one of the first, and only, fully-licensed EU crypto exchanges to offer fiat-to-crypto services, Blockport holds an important position in the market. Company officials now seek to expand the platform to better serve the growing number of European crypto investors emerging in the market. You can expect to see big things from this development team as the year progresses.

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