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Blockchain Project Helium will Enable the Mining of MOBILE Tokens



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Blockchain Project Helium will Enable the Mining of MOBILE Tokens

Helium (HNT) recently announced plans to introduce the mining of MOBILE tokens, which is coming with the Genesis phase. The project recently published a short Twitter thread, explaining everything that users need to know about it.

Why is MOBILE mining important?

Helium is a well-known project in the crypto industry thanks to its futuristic plan to use a network of nodes run by its community members to provide a way for low-powered wireless devices, such as IoT devices, to connect. In doing so, the project allows the devices to communicate with one another and various services which can benefit from receiving data from things like sensors.

This is all possible thanks to the project’s community, which is setting up their own devices, called Hotspots, that boost the internet signal in areas where there is no internet coverage. This allows IoT devices to operate in remote areas and makes it quite easy to install all kinds of devices that will gather data in real-time and send it to those who can benefit from it the most.

Recently, the project made a move to expand its support and introduce new networks alongside its regular IoT coverage, with the idea that each of them will have its own token. The first network that is coming is the 5G network, and the reward for building it up and maintaining it will be the $MOBILE token.

In the same thread, the project confirmed that MOBILE is supposed to go live sometime this month and that there will be a Genesis pre-mine phase that will reward those who helped spread 5G network around the world. All it takes for users to become eligible to receive these rewards is for them to have properly installed and registered 5G Hotspots + CBRS Small Cell Radios.

The project is planning to distribute around 100 million MOBILE tokens per day during the Genesis period. Then, when the period ends, and a proper treasury gets established, users will be able to use MOBILE tokens to redeem the project’s main cryptocurrency, the HNT token.

Helium also published documentation that goes into greater detail, explaining how 5G mining and MOBILE rewards work, how is MOBILE mined, and alike. Also, the developers noted that users can still join the Celular Summer initiative, grab a 5G Hotspot, and start earning.

The importance of Helium

Helium’s primary goal is to improve the communication capabilities of wireless devices. This could lead to the creation of entire smart cities, and a more technologically advanced world, where many of the processes that now take hours, days, or even weeks would be conducted in real-time, or at least sped up by a significant margin.

It is a project that aims to revolutionize the world, improve living conditions, perfect communication, and more, and do it all in a completely decentralized way, which is why it has been attracting a lot of attention, especially lately, with the introduction of 5G and other modern technologies.

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