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Best 7 Crypto Airdrops to Participate in




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Best 7 Crypto Airdrops to Participate in

2022 has just started, and airdrops are more popular than ever. They are often used to reward the community for its support, but also as a marketing strategy to promote projects and tokens. Regardless of which it is, airdrops provide an opportunity to get some new tokens, and maybe even get involved with new projects that you previously knew little or nothing about.

With that said, there are already plenty of airdrops taking place right now, in early January 2022, with many more expected in days, weeks, and months to come. If you aren’t waiting for any specific one, here are some that you can get into right now.

1. GamerCoin (GHX)

The first on the list is GamerCoin, a project that has seen a lot of popularity thanks to the fact that blockchain-based gaming has grown to be extremely popular, and one of the biggest applications of blockchain technology outside of financial transactions. As such, it also gave life to the digital marketplace for computing assets.

Now, GamerCoin is one of the biggest and most popular crypto airdrops this January. It was launched on the GamerHash platform, which offers support to millions of gamers from all over the world. It also allows users to mine, complete tasks, and more, and in exchange, they receive GamerCoin (GHX).

The project was created in order to bring solutions to the world and to bring blockchain products to the masses. It offers all the best features of blockchain technology, including gaming, mining, and earning rewards, and so far, it claims to have a notable presence in over 125 countries around the world. Its ultimate goal is to integrate the gaming ecosystem into the world of digital currency mining and make the two closely connected.

The airdrop is currently ongoing and it will end on January 11th, offering a total of 650,000 GHX. At the time of writing, each coin is valued at $0.078. To participate, users are required to follow the project’s Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook pages. They must also Retweet GamerCoin’s airdrop tweet, tag three or more friends, follow GamerHash founder on Twitter and join the GamerHash announcements on Telegram.

2. Radio Caca (RACA)

Next up, we have Radio Caca (RACA), which is a native token for the Universal Metaverse, and the exclusive manager of Maye Musk Mystery Box NFT.

Radio Caca emerged as a decentralized organization (DAO), operated by internet-native individuals from all over the globe, who share a vision of creating a new virtual world. As a metaverse project, Radio Caca offers a 3D Planet world, where users can go to buy and own land, build stores and art galleries, develop games and play them, and more.

The user experience is similar to using Google Earth, where users can zoom in and out of the world, travel around the 3D virtual planet, and alike.

Now, the project is offering 24 million RACA tokens in its airdrop, but interested users should join quickly, as the airdrop will end on January 9th, 2022. To participate, it is required to add RACA to your CoinMarketCap watchlist, follow CoinMarketCap, Radio Caca, USM Lab, and USM Chain on Twitter, and join Radio Caca’s Discord, as well as follow its Telegram group — RadioCaca (Group 2). Speaking of Telegram, it is also necessary to follow CoinMarketCap Announcements.

3. ZOO Crypto World (ZOO)

In the third spot, we have ZOO Crypto World (ZOO). This is a DeFi project that focuses on the gaming industry. As such, it aims to revolutionize the GameFi space by using its gaming dApp, which combines the principles of DeFi to create value for gaming assets.

The project is also uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growing metaverse hype, which started in late 2021, but will undoubtedly be the main trend of 2022.

ZOO Crypto World is currently live on Binance Smart Chain, and its gaming mechanics revolve around non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFTs are used to play in the ecosystem, and they represent animals that can be purchased for fairly low amounts. In fact, some even go for as low as $4.

As for the airdrop, it will get participants closer to unlocking chests for NFT animals for the PvP and PvE modes. The project is offering 85,000 ZOO tokens in total, and in order to participate in its airdrop, one needs to follow Turtle Finance on Twitter, retweet the crypto airdrop event tweet and tag at least three friends, join the ZOO Crypto World on Telegram, Discord, and Twitch, as well as complete the airdrop form. Lastly, in order to get the tokens, participants also need a BSC Wallet.

4. Antex (ANTEX)

Next up, we have Antex (ANTEX), which is a decentralized infrastructure that offers the critical layers for the growing new crypto economy. Essentially, the ANTEX platform offers building blocks meant to ensure the long-term sustainability of decentralized applications. It aims to do this by offering a secure, convenient, optimized network that would being all stakeholders to a single ecosystem for the advancement of blockchain technology.

Since making the blockchain easier and more available for the average person is one of the big goals of the crypto industry, many have turned to Antex to make their ideas a reality and unlock liquidity for their tokens.

Now, Antex is offering one of the most popular crypto airdrops this January, with its tokens meant to promote the platform as a one-stop-shop for devs who have ideas that they wish to make a reality. The project is offering a total of 70 million ANTEX tokens, and its airdrop will last until January 14th.

To participate, users need to follow Antex’s Twitter, join its Telegram — both the community channel and announcement channel — as well as follow its Facebook page, join its Discord server, and subscribe to its YouTube. It is also needed to retweet the pinned tweet, tag at least three friends, create a wallet for the tokens, and complete the airdrop form.

5. Sologenic (SOLO)

Next up, there is Sologenic (SOLO) — a big name among the airdrops that was also quite popular in December 2021, and it is still ongoing in January 2022. Its airdrop will last until January 15th, so there is still some time to join and win a portion of its 10,000 SOLO tokens that the project is dropping to its users.

SOLO is a project that is targeting retail and institutional clients alike. It wishes to take advantage of the still-ongoing trend of asset tokenization to improve value creation and retention. Its platform makes tokenization very user-friendly, and its goal is to tokenize a wide range of financial markets, as well as assets that are privately owned.

With tokenization being one of the biggest things in crypto right now, it is not surprising that this project is attracting so much attention. To participate in its airdrop, there are several things that users need to do. They must follow the Twitter pages of Sologenic itself, as well as Reza Bashash, Bob Ras, and Coreum. It is also needed to retweet the airdrop announcement and tag three or more people.

Next, would-be participants must join the project’s Telegram and Discord, as well as Coreum’s Telegram and Discord, and subscribe to Sologenic’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. After that, all that remains is to create a wallet for the tokens and complete the airdrop form.


Nearing the end of the list, we have AXL INU, which was marketed as one of the best DEXes for NFTs. The project is now holding a crypto airdrop in order to take its marketplace to the next level.

AXL INU operates as a user-friendly, completely open, and 100% decentralized marketplace for non-fungible tokens. The DEX has seen millions in trading volume in 2021, with 2022 bound to be even more successful as the NFT and metaverse trends continue to blow up.

Another reason why AXL INU’s network became as popular as quickly as it did is the fact that it lets users adopt NFTs, and bring in assets to its NFT mining pool. The project is active on both Ethereum blockchain and BSC, and it is easily one of the more dominant NFT marketplaces. Apart from NFTs alone, the network also allows easy access to some of the best products in the crypto industry, such as decentralized loans, yield farming, IDOs, and more. Meanwhile, its native token AXL has made it so far thanks to being a highly creative, futuristic asset that users find very attractive.

The project’s airdrop will last until January 12th, offering 500 million AXL tokens, and in order to participate, users need to follow the project’s Twitter, join its Telegram community and announcement channels, retweet the airdrop tweet and tag a minimum of three people, as well as fill the airdrop form, and create ETH/BSC wallets.


Last, but not least, we have a memecoin called JOJO. This project emerged in 2021, and so far, it has seen an unexpected amount of success. It launched one of the biggest crypto airdrops this January, and it offers a long-term investment in a highly popular metaverse that combines the best aspects of GameFi, NFTs, and SmartToy.

JOJO is a BSC token that features a super combustion mechanism that allows it to control its token supply at all times. In other words, token holders get rewarded for holding the tokens for as long as possible. It is also worth noting that JOJO is fully community-owned, meaning that every achievement that the platform makes is owned by the investors.

Now, the project’s airdrop will last until January 15th, and in order to get the tokens, you need to follow its Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, as well as retweet the announcement of the airdrop and, as before, tag at least three people. Next, you need to go to its website and connect your BSC address, and finally, complete the airdrop form.


Airdrops are one of the most popular way to introduce a project to new users, and for new users to get into a new project that they never knew much about. With that in mind, it is not surprising that airdrops are bigger and more popular than ever, and even early January is absolutely full of them, with the mentioned ones being some of the best ones currently available.

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