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Archax Announces Timely Launch of Primary Raise Platform as Tokenization Garners Increased Attention




Four months ago, Archax, an FCA regulated digital asset exchange announced the closure of a successful $28.5M Series A capital raise.  One month ago, Archax partnered with METACO to launch a digital asset custodial service set to support securities, NFTs, and more.  Now the United Kingdom based outfit is back at it, announcing the official launch of its ‘primary raise platform'.

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With the launch of this most recent service, Archax now officially boasts quite a comprehensive platform, making it an increasingly appealing options for companies and investors alike that believe in the future of digital securities.

The Goal

The purpose of this newly launched platform is a simple, but important one – provide companies with a platform to raise capital through the sale and issuance of digital securities.  This platform is geared specifically towards ‘start-ups and early-state businesses,'.

Launch of this service got off to a hot start, with multiple companies already scheduled to take part in a capital raise.

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Archax notes that all projects listed on its primary raise platform are pre-vetted by its own team, ensuring only reputable and high-quality opportunities go live.


Upon announcing the launch of its primary raise platform, Jim Webb, Head of Primary Markets Sales at Archax, took the time to comment.

“We’re thrilled to launch our Primary Markets platform with ScribeStar and Circularr as the initial issuers. Our regulated solution provides professional and institutional investors with priority access to investment opportunities in innovative, early-stage growth companies. Our registered investor network can expect a diverse and exciting list of new issuances across various sectors in the coming weeks.”

Tokenization Set to Take Off

This announcement is particularly timely, as increased attention has been placed on digital securities in recent months, whether this be security tokens or tokenized securities.  This was most recently highlighted when Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock indicated his firms continued foray in to the practice.

“For the asset management industry, we believe the operational potential of some of the underlying technologies in the digital assets space could have exciting applications. In particular, the tokenization of asset classes offers the prospect of driving efficiencies in capital markets, shortening value chains, and improving cost and access for investors. At BlackRock we continue to explore the digital assets ecosystem, especially areas most relevant to our clients such as permissioned blockchains and tokenization of stocks and bonds.”

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