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DESICO – Welcome to the World of Security Tokens

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Who is DESICO?

Founded in Lithuania, DESICO is a start-up looking to bring forth the next waves of blockchain tokens – security tokens.

What is the problem?

Due to the immaturity of the industry, there is a slim selection of services that facilitate the sales and trades of security tokens.  Many have recognized that while utility tokens have a time and place, they are not the solution many once thought them to be.  This, however, is a relatively new revelation, without a true solution.

The market needs a comprehensive, user friendly platform that will facilitate not only investing, but trading of securities as well.  With the regulatory scrutiny that the market is under, this platform would need to adhere to all compliance laws in effect.

How will they solve it?

Recognizing the lack of options within the current market, DESICO saw this as an opportunity.  They now find themselves well along their path in developing a hosting/exchange platform dedicated toward security tokens.

DESICO breaks down their platform into three components

  1. Crowdfunding platform
    1. Hosting of STOs and the issuance of security tokens
  2. Security Token Exchange
    1. This functions for securities as Bittrex does doe utilities
  3. Crypto – FIAT payment system
    1. Allows for exchange of assets, providing seamless investing or cashing out

To fully develop these services is a tall endeavour, and requires funding.  Fully believing in the technology which they are looking to facilitate, DESICO has decided to host their very own STO.  This to-be-released token will function as a security, and provide investors with their stake within DESICO revenues.

The model is simple – Regardless of where the revenue comes from (token exchange vs. crowdfunding vs. payment systems), 12.5% of these funds will be divvied up proportionately among token holders.  These dividends will be realized on a quarterly basis.

The team at DESICO estimates that if everything goes according to plan, investors can expect to see a 12-20x return on investment over a 10year period.


DESICO has already had success in developing and pushing their product.  Attaining the endorsement of entities such as the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance, and the Ethereum Alliance, the team has proven their mettle.  Here are a few of those in charge at DESICO, and their respective roles within the organization.

Laimonas Noreika – Cofounder / CEO

Audrus Griskevicius – Cofounder / Business Development

Povilas Laucius – CTO

Darius Noreika – Cofounder / COO

Whats next?

The next major hurdle is financing their endeavour.  As stated, DESICO has decided to issue their very own security token in an effort to raise funds.  This STO (Security Token Sale) is scheduled to open on November 7th, 2018.

For those interested, DESICO has made available a full demo of their software.  Here you can test their product and get a feel for what they are trying to achieve.

To learn details about the project, please view our Desico Token Listing page.



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