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Whitepaper Review

A whitepaper serves multiple goals, it’s your roadmap, it highlights your team, it details your project, and it outlines your vision.

The whitepaper is a document that will be combed through carefully from investors, to partners, to the SEC. This is why it’s important that there are two bodies that review this document.

Business Review:

This is the review from an STO advisor, or some other type of associate that you trust. They will review the business plan to ensure that it makes sense. If at all possible you should have someone review the whitepaper who is familiar with your industry. For example, if you are launching an autonomous vehicle having someone from Tesla or Alphabet’s Waymo review the whitepaper makes the most sense.

You want the person reviewing the whitepaper to be ruthlessly honest about potential assumptions, omissions, mistakes, lack of clarity, technical errors, etc. You want to catch all potential issues early. This will enhance the whitepaper, and will save your team money.

The whitepaper should always serve first and foremost as a business plan. The technology should always be secondary to the business. The exception to this is if it’s a very technology focused business, where the entire business landscape and success is based on the viability of the technology.

What investors want to know are the following:

  • Why the market needs your product or service.
  • Why now? Are you too late, or too early for the market?
  • Do you understand the competition? And how will you overtake them?
  • If it’s fractionalization of real estate, venture funds, etc. How will the real estate/funds be managed?
  • Specifics are important. We’ve reviewed many whitepapers for companies tokenizing real estate, and there is often a failure to discuss the type of property, location of properties, expected holding period, etc. Just because real estate investors are buying a tokenized fund, doesn’t mean that they are not first and foremost viewing this from a real estate investor mindset.
  • Unrealistic projections. Telling us the market size, but not disclosing actual competition, marketing budget, etc just makes the entire project look amateurish.
  • Sell your team. If they went to ivy league schools, disclose that information. Also disclose any other business they have been involved in.
  • Presentation is important. Hire someone to format the information with crisp graphics and charts. The difference this makes in how your company is perceived is monumental compared to the initial cost.


Legal Review:

The most important thing that should be reviewed is that no false promises are made. Never promise specific returns. Remember, while the whitepaper may serve as a marketing tool, in a court of law it also  serves as a piece of evidence.

There is no going back and editing the whitepaper once its posted online, as a version of it will always exist somewhere. It needs to be fully legally compliant prior to publication.

You should hire a law-firm that is familiar with the tokenization of securities and that has a track record of working with different STOs. Research the clients the law firm has worked with to ensure that you are working with a credible law firm.

Legal is one aspect of your business that you should not try to save money by hiring a low rent law firm. Hiring the right legal team will save you money and future grief.

Since this website does not dispense legal advice, we urge you to contact an STO attorney in the space. If there is anything that you should take from this article, is that you should absolutely have a licensed attorney review your whitepaper prior to publication or the launch of the STO.


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Antoine Tardif is the CEO of, and has invested in over 50 blockchain projects. He is also the founder of a news website focusing on the lightning network, and a founding partner of

Security Token News

The Best Countries to Launch Your Security Token




Best Country to launch security token

Security token offerings (STOs) are now commonplace in the cryptomarket. This unique fundraising strategy gives companies the ability to easily monitor, distribute, and regulate their campaign utilizing blockchain technology. STOs combine the best features of ICOs with the stringent regulations found in particular markets.

Aside from the benefits achieved by companies that use an STO strategy, there are also many reasons why an investor would seek out this type of investment. For one, STOs are far more transparent than an ICO. Companies involved in STOs must reveal sensitive company information including their address, upper management, and financials.

This information further protects investors from the ramped scamming that occurs in the ICO markets. One report published by the Statis Group showed that as much as 80-percent of the ICOs conducted in 2017 turned out to be scams. It’s exactly this fraudulent activity that led to the development of security tokens.

Now that security tokens are more popular, many countries want to host STO related businesses. In order to entice these businesses onto their shores, government officials are ready to make some serious concessions. Below are the best countries to launch your security token.


The island country of Malta is one of the premier locations to launch your security token. The country embraced blockchain technology from the start. The Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, issued a public statement this year in which he acknowledged both the fears of regulators “and the fact” that this technology is quickly changing industries across the globe.

Malta via Master Explorer

Malta via Master Explorer

Maltese officials are serious about their desire to be the leading blockchain country in the world. In the same statement, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of heading the digitization of the economy. He went as far as to state – “we must be the one that others copy.”

Malta is home to some of the largest security token projects currently in the works. In September the Malta Stock Exchange (MSX) announced a partnership with Binance, the world largest exchange by volume. Binance seeks to create a new security token platform in the country in the coming months.


Lithuania made some significant headway last year towards their goal of becoming EU’s security token capital. The country introduced security token friendly regulations. The country’s Minister of Finance issued broad security token regulations that covered the taxation, accounting, issuance, and compliance.

Blockchain companies send their project to a supervisor of financial markets and their office well send back a reply regarding the status of your token. Basically, Lithuanian officials do their version of the Howie Test to your project and give you a solid answer prior to your firm moving forward on their project.

Since Lithuania is a member of the EU, they gained a huge advantage by legalizing and regulating STOs in their country. Government officials hope to entice all of the EU to host their STOs in the country.


Switzerland has a long history as a financial safe haven. The country features low taxes and a crypto friendly environment. Switzerland was one of the first countries to adopt cryptocurrency regulations.

Switzerland has had a pro-crypto stance since 2014 when regulators released a report detailing the significance of cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, the report acknowledged cryptocurrencies handle the same tasks as money but stopped sort of labeling it legal tender due to the lack of an issuing country.

STOs submit their project to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). This regulatory body reviews each STO to confirm what designation the project falls under. Token labels include payment, utility, asset, and hybrid tokens.


Israel is home to numerous blockchain-based startups. The country leads the world in research & development according to a recent Bloomberg report. The report placed Israel in the number two spot, only behind South Korea in terms of innovators. Israel welcomed blockchain companies by cutting crypto taxes in half in October of this year.

Tel Aviv, Isreal

According to a Cryptoslate report, Israel started 2018 with 88 blockchain startup in operation. In March 2018, Israel released an interim report which detailed the regulations for ICOs. The report was intended to strike a “balance between technological innovation and the protection of investors.”

The Israel Security Authority’s ex-head, Prof. Shmuel Hauser went as far as to recommend the country foster the creation of an international blockchain center on his retirement. This move ensures Israel remains a dominant force in the cryptomarket.


Canada continues to lead the North American crypto revolution. The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) announced in February plans to launch a new securities token platform. The platform is based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Toronto, Canada is the birthplace of Ethereum and the city continues to be a strong hub for crypto activity. Additionally, the platform allows users to launch their own security token easily. This decision is consistent with Toronto’s desire to be an industry leader.

According to the press release, the new security token platform is designed to give companies an alternative to the ICO space.  Kabuni Technologies is the first security token scheduled for launch on the platform. The company also filed a prospectus with the British Columbia Securities Commission (BSCE).


Dubai remains a powerful influence in the cryptomarket. The country was one of the first to issue a state-backed cryptocurrency back in October 2017. In February of this year, The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) began to facilitate a market in cryptocurrencies.

The DMCC is a member of the Global Blockchain Council. The project initially began as part of the Dubai Smart City initiative. Speaking on cryptocurrencies, the project’s director, Franco Bosoni, discussed how he could see a commodities-like future for these digital assets. Dubai is now in the middle of developing a robust framework for the security token commodity to operate within.

Security Tokens – A Smart Move

The countries exemplify the innovative spirit and their decision to position their markets in line with the digitization of the economy is sure to pay off. The security token market continues to expand and these countries are now seeing the benefits of their pro crypto stance. You should expect more countries months.

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STO Launch

Recruiting STO Advisors




Recruiting STO Advisors

Launching an ICO is a complicated process, but launching an STO is even more perplexing. The reason is due to the additional legal compliance that is required, and the necessity to complete proper ongoing KYC and AML on investors.

Businesses, and start-ups should be focusing on what’s important, and that is the success of their business. Learning all of the ins and outs of launching an STO should not be the role that you play. It’s too complicated of a marketplace for beginners, and any accidental error or omission could end up costing the company far more in the future then had things just been done properly.

Below are some of the problems that you will encounter if your STO is not performed according to code.

  • Exchanges will not list any STO which has potential legal issues. Even the loss of one exchange can dilute the future liquidity and value of your brand.
  • The SEC or other government bodies can either slap you with a penalty or in a worst case scenario shut down your operations.
  • Failure to KYC or AML properly could jeopardize future banking relationships, and could result in the confiscation of funds.
  • You could appear to be unprofessional to those in the space.
  • De-optimization of the potential raise amount.

These are a sample of the legal and financial reasons why you should outsource as much as possible. This is not factoring in the lost opportunity cost, of having your staff focusing on the technology of an STO versus running a business. Specialize in what you are good in, which is running your business, and outsource the rest.

It can be difficult to know where to start. The natural inclination is to seek out an advisor. The wrong approach to finding an advisor is by searching for “STO Advisor” on Google and using the first service that you find. This does not make someone an STO Advisor, it simply makes them someone who is good at search engine optimization.

You should become familiar with the tokenized securities industry. Learn who you can trust in the industry, and who is simply out to benefit themselves. Attend a few Security Token Conferences if you can. Mingle, network, but most importantly learn.

The crypto industry is full of conmen, but what’s more shocking is the high number of people who simply lack any type of business sense. Make sure that whoever you hire as an advisor has experience and is a credible name.

A valuable STO advisor will only sign on with your company if they believe in the project. You do not want an advisor who blindly advises anyone who contacts them. The reason for this is that the most valuable role of the advisor is as someone who introduces you to the right contacts. If an STO advisor attempts to connect junk projects with his existing network, that network will quickly learn to ignore the advisor. This is why the best advisors are very selective on who they work with.

The second most important role of an advisor is as a sounding board. Are you unsure on how the market will react to your business idea? If so, the advisor can be someone that you consult with. A good advisor will be honest with you if they feel that something will backfire and damage your reputation.

An advisor can also perform the following:

  • Introduction to proper legal council
  • Introduction to token issuers
  • Introduction to potential investors
  • Recommendations on jurisdictions to incorporate
  • Optimization of whitepaper/business plan.
  • Connecting at events to discuss project.
  • Recommending changes to planned corporate structure.

How do you compensate an advisor? This can take the form of equity or tokens. It is important that the advisor is actually involved, and is simply not compensated for having his profile on the STOs website. Compensation can be as high as 3%, but this is a little high and it depends on the value of the project, it’s potential to scale, etc. If someone believes in your project they should be willing to be an advisor for 1 to 1.5% in equity or tokens.

What’s important is that you use someone who becomes a business partner. They have your success in mind, and due to this they will do their best in order to ensure your success. We also have a list of Security Token Advisors.

Additional Commentary: As a Co-Founder of and BlockVentures I am occasionally approached regarding STO advising/consulting. I will only consider this after meeting with the founders, and being comfortable in the project.



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STO Launch

Marketing Security Tokens




Marketing Security Tokens

You found a token issuer, you decided to launch an STO, now comes the difficult part, recruiting investors.

The good news is the marketplace for security tokens is in its infancy and less clustered than regular utility tokens.

When it comes to marketing there are several channels which you should consider:

Google Adwords – Pay only per click. Advertise under keywords that are specific to the industry.

Reddit – This resource is quite popular in the cryptocurrency space. You can sponsor a sub-reddit which caters to cryptocurrency or even security tokens.

STO Listing Platforms – List yourself on all channels which provide information to investors. You can begin with being listed on our token page.

Conferences – The more specific to tokenized securities the better, as most conferences still cater nearly exclusively to utility tokens. When it comes to marketing at conferences not all ad spends are the same. Your best option is to be invited on a discussion panel, or fireside chat. The second-best option is to pitch, just make sure you are not pitching on the second half of the last day, as you may be pitching to an empty room. Many expensive options such as sponsoring a party, lunch, etc. may not be worthwhile based on your budget.

Enlist companies that specialize in marketing security tokens. Below are some options:

BX3 Capitalwww.bx3.io261 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10016
Priority token LLP
www.ptoken.ioSuite 6, 5 Percy Street, London, Fitzrovia, W1T 1DG, United Kingdom

Lastly, you can also choose to recruit STO Advisors.

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