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Waves Launches Waves Camp Incubator and Invites Developers to Apply



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Waves Launches Waves Camp Incubator and Invites Developers to Apply

Waves Labs, the growth engine for the Waves ecosystem, announced recently on Twitter that Waves has launched its Waves Camp Incubator initiative. As the announcement itself pointed out, this is great news for developers and entrepreneurs who are looking for a way into Web3. Not only that, but applications are already open for anyone who wishes to receive funding and support and get a head start over competitors.

Waves Camp Incubator can help in a number of areas, including marketing, technology, potential partnerships, and more.

In a more detailed announcement posted on the Waves Labs website, the project explained that Waves Camp would support and help launch the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs who are looking to create new startups. It can be challenging for new developers and their projects to meet the needs of the Waves ecosystem, and Waves will now be more than happy to help them do it and thrive within its network.

How can Waves Camp Incubator help?

The project’s blockchain started the year with more than 2 million active wallets and a very vibrant community, not to mention numerous successful projects. The project has more than 100,000 daily transactions running through its mainnet and over 250 validators around the world. It is also scalable enough to be able to support thousands of TPS.

Furthermore, the project highlighted that its network hit a TVL of $5 billion and that it has about 80% of tokens locked in staking. Best of all – it achieved all of this without any VC funding. Simply put, it has an extremely active community that numbers over 700,000 participants. However, there are huge opportunities in the dApp sector, and launching dApps is, unfortunately, both difficult and expensive.

This is why Waves has launched the Camp Incubator, which will help those who wish to create dApps by providing funding and other kinds of support for those who need it. Every Camper receives up to $100k seed funding per company, as well as access to WX Network Launchpad for crowdfunding and initial liquidity offerings.

Of course, funding is not all that is needed to make a successful company, and Waves understands this. This is why it also offers full-service support, which will allow Web3 startups to move at great speeds by having access to experts, experienced peers, and other benefits that will significantly speed up the progress of these companies.

Campers will also get a major head start over their competitors with ready-made marketing, business development, and community packages. Plus, plugging into the Waves network significantly reduces the risk of failure through exclusive access to in-house experts who have years of experience and the desire to help.

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