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Top 10 Move-to-Earn Apps You Need to Know



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Top 10 Move-to-Earn Dapps You Need to Know

The introduction of tokenization to the world has made it possible to create new and ever more innovative assets. The tokenization of movement has led to the move-to-earn revolution. These unique platforms seek to incentivize users to stay healthy and stick to their routines. Today, all you need is a smartphone, an Move-to-Earn (M2E) app, and a desire to secure returns on the blockchain.

What is Move to Earn?

Move-to-earn is simply a term that refers to platforms that reward you for your physical actions. These titles have begun to gain in popularity as the introduction of NFTs and other cool blockchain technology has made them more lucrative than ever. Here are the top 10 move-to-earn apps you need to know.


The STEPN App focuses on keeping you moving. The platform connects to wearables and leverages advanced GPS tracking and pedometers to ensure you get rewarded for your efforts. There are even rewards for walking your furry friend, which makes this a great option for pet owners.

Source - StepN Homepage - Move-to Earn Dapps

Source – STEPN Homepage

STEPN has a broader scope in mind, as the platform even offers rewards for offsetting carbon. To get started, you need to purchase a pair of NFT sneakers. These sneakers can be upgraded, traded, customized, or collected depending on your attitude.

To learn more about STEPN, visit our Investing Guide HERE.

2. Calo

Calo is a metaverse title that enables you to run and earn points. This title also lets you compete against others to secure rewards. The network integrates an advanced tracking system to prevent people from cheating the economy.

Calo is a great option for those who want to work out with partners.

3. MetaGym

MetaGym has been in the market since 2021 and has seen considerable success since its launch. This Dapp has some cool features that you won't find in the competition. For example, you can secure rewards for activities such as getting proper sleep and meditating.

The Dapp's founder, Eddie Lester, wanted to create a digital gym that focused on more than just moving. His creation has helped many people improve their health and secure rewards. To get started, you will need to purchase an avatar. MetaGym avatars range in value, with some special versions going for over $300.

4. Dotmoovs

Dotmoovs is an original M2E title that covers a nice scope of activities. The program is one of the few to leverage advanced AI algorithms to ensure you stay on point. You can compete against your friends or work out together to improve your results and secure MOOV tokens.

Dotmoovs has a bunch of cool activities that it tracks using a proprietary monitoring mechanism. Users will see a stick figure that is projected on their body. They need to follow the movements to secure the returns. There are lots of options to get your sweat on, from running to even dance mode.

5. FitnessChain

FitnessChain combines the excitement of move-to-earn with the fun of prediction sites. Will you be able to stick to your routine? If you're successful, you're going to see some valuable rewards based on your bets. There are a variety of activities you can do to secure tokens in this title.

Additionally, FitnessChain is compatible with a large selection of wearables, which adds to its accuracy. Collect rewards and trade them for other cryptos or in-game services. FitnessChain allows you to bet on your health, which makes it a great gamble to win.

6. Actifit

Actifit is a daily exercise tracker that rewards users with AFIT tokens for hitting certain goals. This platform is pioneering the Proof of Activity consensus system, which autonomously ensures you receive rewards for activities you did.

Source - Actifit Homepage - Move-to-Earn Dapps

Source – Actifit Homepage

Actifit is a great way to stay active every day, as the Dapp will remind you to stay motivated. Additionally, you can use the Actifit tokens in the market to upgrade your experience and options. AFIT tokens can be traded on DEXs as well, which makes them flexible assets to hold.

7. Fitcoin

Fitcoin is another title that has developed a proprietary method of monitoring your activity. This M2E game monitors your heart rate and other factors to ensure you're getting a solid workout as planned. The platform rewards users with the utility token Fitcoin depending on their level of exertion.

Fitcoin has some cool features that make it stand out against the competition. For one, you can convert Fitcoins to Bitcoin directly in the Dapp. This feature saves you time and effort and also makes it a smart selection for anyone seeking to stack Sats for their efforts.

8. LifeCoin

LifeCoin is known as the outdoorsman's Dapp. This protocol focuses on keeping you out of the house and active. The title has a selection of outdoor activities to choose from, including running, hiking, jogging, and even just taking walks.

The system can be connected to other fitness-tracking wearables to improve performance. The digital pedometer will convert your steps into crypto, which can then be used in the market to purchase sporting goods, collectibles, NFTs, digital devices, and much more.

9. Wellcoin

Wellcoin differs from the competition in that it's more about your general wellness and health rather than keeping you active to secure returns. The Dapp monitors your vital activities, including sleep, and you can secure returns for activities such as cleaning your home.

There are a lot of cool options on this Dapp, such as securing tokens for eating and drinking healthier. Interestingly, the Dapp may require you to upload a photo of your actions at times to ensure that nobody is cheating the system.

10. Lympo

Lympo is an advanced M2E title that is currently on the rise. The title enables users to secure LYM tokens for completing various fitness tasks such as jogging. Lympo has some benefits, including that it's partnered with both Nike and Adidas, which adds to its validity and offerings.

Top 10 Move-to-Earn Titles to Keep You Healthy

If you are the type of person who needs some motivation to maintain a regular exercise schedule, M2E is a great motivator. For those who already stay healthy, it's the best option to get some free crypto doing what you love. For these reasons, the move-to-earn sector is just beginning to take flight.

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