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Top 10 Metaverse Coins that You can Buy for Less than $10




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Top 10 Metaverse Coins that You can Buy for Less than $10

In late 2021, the NFT trend, which dominated the year, was suddenly pushed aside in favor of a new product – the metaverse. To be fair, metaverse as a concept wasn’t exactly new, nor did it fully replace NFTs. After all, the NFT trend continues to thrive even now, in mid-2022, and besides, most metaverses rely on NFTs quite heavily, as they use them to offer users tokenized in-game items, plots of lands, playable characters, and more.

However, the metaverse did take the stage, attracted all the attention, and that resulted in the creation of dozens of new projects, each featuring a virtual world of its own, rich with various opportunities, experiences, and new ideas.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of these projects now. However, we decided to focus on those whose native tokens are extremely affordable, so that everyone would have a chance at investing in them early on if they become interested after we present the project. In other words, we made sure to only present you with those whose value is beyond $10 per coin, although most of them don’t even come close to that, so you can definitely afford to invest in a handful of them if they draw your eye.

1. Decentraland

The first on the list is Decentraland, and Decentraland is the Bitcoin of the Metaverse. It is one of the oldest, if not THE oldest metaverse project in the entire sector. It created a digital world where users can purchase digital plots of land in the form of NFTs, and then do pretty much whatever they want with them.

That includes game development, software creation, community building, organizing virtual events, and much more. In fact, Decentraland has already attracted some of the major companies and organizations, with the most famous example being the Australian Open this January, which held digital versions of its events in the Decentraland’s metaverse, for those who couldn’t come for the tournament due to COVID restrictions.

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2. The Sandbox

Next up, we have The Sandbox, which is a blockchain-based virtual world dedicated to gaming. Essentially, the project allows regular users to create, build, buy, and sell digital assets in the form of a game. It combines the capabilities of NFTs with the powers of DAOs in order to create a decentralized platform where the blockchain gaming community can thrive.

The Sandbox is not introducing its own games, however, but rather, it empowers the users to develop their games and make them available to others. Plus, thanks to the Play-to-Earn model, players can even earn from engaging with the games, and so do developers from creating them.

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3. Render Token

In the third spot, we have a project called Render Token, which is not a metaverse project, specifically, but its services could strongly contribute to the development of the metaverse. Specifically, this projet connects artists and studios in need of rendering power with regular users who can offer their GPU capabilities in order to provide that rendering power.

So, when artists and studios need large amounts of rendering power to render their artwork, all they need to do is turn to Render Token for its rendering capabilities. The project would use the GPU strength that it receives from its users, and the contributors will be rewarded for providing it.

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Up next, we have CEEK VR, which is a project that combines metaverse with DeFi functionalities to support music artists, content creators, sports stars, and others. The project aims to help the celebrities and artists to connect with their fans, and vice versa by using an NFT marketplace, that will allow users to become true owners of their favorite stars’ and artists’ merch, art, and other assets that they might have to offer.

Plus, the project also offers its own VR headset that will allow users to witness live performances of the top tier artists through its metaverse, including many of the music legends that they already partnered with.

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5. PlayDapp

Halfway down the list, we have PlayDapp, which is a digital asset used in the PlayDapp blockchain gaming ecosystem. The asset allows users to buy and trade non-fungible token-based items in the games, and trade them on the global C2C marketplace called

The project has developed a blockchain-based game that it describes as a game that anyone can enjoy. This puts it in a position to bring non-crypto gamers to the blockchain and serve as a gateway into digital finance and blockchain products and opportunities.

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6. Mines of Dalarnia

In the sixth spot, we have Mines of Dalarnia, which is a popular metaverse game in which users can mine for various assets, minerals, relics, and other things that can be more or less rare, depending on the item. They can use resources that they find through mining to create new items and add them to their character, thus granting them the ability to mine faster and discover more assets.

They can also sell the things they find, complete quests and tasks, engage in battles, and earn money by doing any and all of these things. It is a Minecraft-inspired game that is quite relaxing and addicting, but also very rewarding and fun.

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7. MyNeighborAlice

Another Minecraft and Animal Crossing-inspired game is MyNeighborAlice, which is a game that allows users to purchase digital islands in the form of NFTs, and once again, do whatever they want with them. They can decorate them by collecting resources and creating or purchasing new items, buildings, and alike, and simply be creative, with no real quests, or pressure to do anything.

They can simply relax in a game, organize their island in any way they see fit, and even make new friends by meeting other players. The game is also developed in a way where players never actually come in direct contact with the blockchain, so they don’t need any previous experience or knowledge on how to behave and how to handle it – all purchases are done with the in-game character called Alice, after which the game is named.

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8. UFO Gaming

In the eight spot, we have UFO gaming, which is a decentralized gaming platform featuring NFTs, DeFi, and P2E elements. It is a platform that will feature multiple games, with the first of them being Super Galactic – an RPG/arcade action game where players can make their own NFT collections.

They need to mint playable characters first by staking UFO tokens and earning Plasma Points, which are then used to mint characters and start the game. After that, players can engage in battle with the hostile alien race, protect the world, harness resources, and earn rewards for completing the daily quests.

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9. Starlink

Nearing the end of the list, we have Starlink, which is a game that offers to launch users into “the new frontier of virtual space.” It is an adventure game that lets you navigate the universe, either alone or with others, and discover entire space stations, and even space cities, where you can meet new people, trade items and NFTs, access different gaming experiences, and more.

You can also modify your spaceship, learn, craft, create, and generally, navigate a complex metaverse featuring AAA design. It is a very fun game with a lot to do, including constructing and managing entire communities, all within the game.

10. Alien Worlds

Last, but not least, we have Alien Worlds, which is an NFT-based metaverse where players once again need to compete for a rather scarce resource called Trilium. The game features an entire stimulated economy centered around planetary worlds, with strong DeFi elements.

For example, you can advance by staking TLM and using it to vote in Planet DAOs. You can join multiple DAOs, and even rise to the rank of a leader. It is another rather interesting and deep game taking place in a Sci-Fi environment that fans of games such as the Star Wars series are likely to appreciate the most.

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With that, we conclude our list of the top 10 metaverse coins that you can buy for under $10 per coin. The metaverse trend is still in its infancy, not only because these are new projects, but also because most of the projects are still figuring out their technology, testing things, and polishing their systems. It will take time to figure out what should stay and what needs to go, and that will be achieved through a combination of developers’ and communities’ efforts.

What this means is that this is the right time to invest in them before they go big. This is what 2011 was for Bitcoin, or 2016 for Ethereum. In five to ten years, these projects could be massive. Of course, there is a risk that some of them may die out and be replaced by even better ones, which is something you need to keep in mind.

But, if you do your research and conclude that the project surely has a chance to go big, and its coins are worth a dollar or two, it won’t hurt to invest a bit into them, and then add more over time if they seem like they are doing well. Just make sure that it is your decision, based on facts and your own conclusions, and don’t follow anyone’s advice blindly.

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