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Top 10 Charities Accepting Crypto You Need to Know



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When it comes to giving back to the community, there's no shortage of crypto traders who are ready to do their part. Cryptocurrencies are often seen by many as a way to generate wealth or create new opportunities and efficiency. However, it has become more prevalent for these digital assets to find a purpose in helping others. Here are the top 10 charities you should know about today.

Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF)

Binance started the Blockchain Charity Foundation in 2018 after becoming the world's largest exchange by trading volume. The goal of the BCF is to help bring more transparency to the charity sector. In the past, there have been incidents where charities have abused or misused funds.

The BCF movement will enable donations to be tracked from donor to destination. This maneuver helps build confidence and ensures that all donations get to their final destination in a timely manner. The end result is more accountability and opportunity for those in need.

When you examine the current charity market, there are serious inefficiencies that need to be addressed. The majority of funds donated never make it to their intended destination and are instead eaten up by administrative costs. Some reports show up to 80% of funding never gets to the charity. BCF seeks to improve this approach and create a more vibrant giving economy for everyone.

UNICEF CryptoFund

In 2019, UNICEF made the controversial decision to start accepting cryptocurrency donations. At the time, not many large, recognized charitable organizations were doing this. It marked the first time a UN organization would work with cryptocurrencies in a charitable manner.

As part of the approach, UNICEF employees became well-versed in cryptocurrencies and how to send, receive, and store them. Today, the fund has helped to raise millions and provide a better life for people around the world. Specifically, the project recently helped Rwandan refugees and built an emergency response system in the African country of Kenya.

The CryptoFund also works with startups to help them take their concepts to the market. Already, the group has backed numerous projects, including some AI-powered options. This flexibility gives the CryptoFund the power to increase reserves, improve adoption, and help more people.

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

One of the first charitable organizations in the world to welcome Bitcoin donations was the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. This group made the announcement to accept Bitcoin way back in 2014, many years before most people even heard of the cryptocurrency.

The charitable organization focuses on maintaining the UK's expansive coastline. The project uses the donated funds to train volunteers to help keep the beaches clean. The group also helps sailors and other ocean-going professionals find help when needed.

The Giving Block

The Giving Block is another organization that wants to bridge the gap between crypto and regular charities. The network is one of the most successful at its job, with hundreds of nonprofits using its services. The Giving Block provides monitoring and transactional capabilities to causes it deems exceptional.

Its system is extremely flexible and can accept over 45 different cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, funds donated to The Giving Block usually go to disaster relief and environmental issues. The group also seeks to reduce poverty in the poorest regions of the world.

The Tor Project

The Tor Browser is a special tool that enables you to surf the web anonymously. The Tor Project is a vital component for freedom seekers, whistleblowers, and those seeking to escape censorship on any level. The nonprofit group helps maintain the Tor browser, which is the safest way to surf the web and dark web. Today, Tor helps people get their voice heard.

Save the Children

Keeping the youth safe is at the forefront of the Save the Children campaign. This group started accepting crypto donations to help eliminate child trafficking, labor, and abuse. To date, the charity has successfully provided thousands of children with new lives and a way to grow and prosper.

Pineapple Fund

The Pineapple Fund is a Bitcoin fund that already helped a variety of popular groups in the market. The fund focused on charities that wanted to eliminate the most pressing issues faced today. These issues included poverty or environmental concerns.

The Pineapple Fund donated 5,057 BTC to around 60 charities and various causes during its run. It's one of the easiest charities to join and one of the most successful crypto charity funds ever to do it. Notably, you could donate using a selection of cryptocurrencies, which made the process even easier than ever. Sadly, the Pineapple Fund shut down and is no longer offering its services. Despite being closed, crypto users should be familiar with its actions and how it inspired the community.

Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF)

The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) seeks to keep your privacy safe. The group has a focus on political issues and other privacy-threatening technologies.

EFF - Crypto Charities

Source: X @EFF

It is often organizing funds for legal battles. In this way, it acts as a front line of defense against those who want to encroach on your civil liberties.

Rainforest Foundation

The world is heating up, and the climate is changing quickly. If people don't react soon, there will be no time to save the planet. The Rainforest Foundation takes crypto donations to help protect the precious rainforests of the world. The project claims that 1 ETH will protect 2.5 miles of rainforest. Currently, you can donate Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and USD Coin.

War Child

Sadly, the rise in global conflicts has led to a large number of children being left homeless and in poverty. The War Child charity focuses on refugees and those affected by military actions with the goal of offering stability and peace. The group seeks to offer a lifeline to families caught in war zones and other situations where survival is at stake.

Top 10 Charities that Accept Crypto

The crypto community is ready and willing to do its part to improve the lives of everyone. This desire and the goal to improve financial freedom make the blockchain industry unique. You can expect even more donations in the future as people in the market are ready to give back to the less fortunate.

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