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Tokenise Stock Exchange Goes Live

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Going Live

World events have done little to slow development at Tokenise, as made evident by this week’s announced launch of their exchange.

This exchange launch was made possible through a strategic partnership with GMEX Group, established in 2019.  This partnership runs deeper than simply sharing tech solutions.  Tokenise notes that GMEX Group has acquired a small equity share in Tokenise.

What does it offer?

While this new offering may boast various capabilities, there is one attribute that stands out – Liquidity.

As a regulated exchange, operating on a global scale, Tokenise can provide a home/platform for tokenised assets to trade on; something greatly needed for the sector to continue pushing forward.  This is made possible through licensing attained in Barbados.

While there are not currently any digital securities trading on the platform, going live now means that all barriers have been removed.  It is expected that, in the coming months, multiple assets will begin populating the books.


Upon announcing the launch of Tokenise Stock Exchange, representatives from each, Tokenise and GMEX Group, took the time to comment.

Mike Kessler, Tokenise Group CEO & Founder, stated,

“Tokenise have created our solution in response to the absence of regulated options for the buying and selling of digital securities globally…As a regulated securities market we have integrated the best of technology, including cryptography, with a complete trading ecosystem to simplify access to new asset classes, for both issuers and investors. This, in turn, will increase the flow of funds and investment opportunities for market participants.”

Hirander Misra, CEO of GMEX Group, stated,

“Combining a regulated exchange with our award-winning technology and business expertise, has achieved a market leading milestone in going live with the next generation of stock exchange to facilitate mainstream investor access to digital assets…I am very excited to join the Tokenise board representing GMEX alongside Martin Graham, who was formerly Director of Markets at the London Stock Exchange when I co-founded Chi-X Europe.”

Previous Look

News of the exchange launch comes mere weeks after we reported on Tokenise, and the commencement of investor onboarding.

In this conversation, we asked Tokenise CEO, Michael Kessler, what we can expect next from the company.  The following are a few examples of these anticipated steps.

  • Enabling of full KYC & AML as well as categorisation of investors
  • We are talking to a number of issuers who want to list on the platform and go through one of our corporate advisers
  • We expect to have the first listings coming through over the coming weeks/months (partly dependant on Covid) that will allow people to list multiple asset classes to suit their requirements, these include:
  • New asset classes
  • Fractional ownership of physical assets
  • Private equity Royalties

Tokenise International Ltd Launches Tokenise Stock Exchange

Tokenise Exchange

Founded in 2018, Tokenise maintains headquarters in London, England.  Above all, the team at Tokenise is working to develop a suite of solutions geared towards serving the digital securities sector.

CEO, Michael Kessler, currently oversees company operations.

GMEX Group

Founded in 2012, GMEX Group maintains headquarters in London, England.  The group is comprised of multiple branches, which address various sectors.  These include: trading, investing, consulting, blockchain/DLT.

CEO, Hirander Misra, currently oversees company operations.

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