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MicroStrategy Continues to Pad Its BTC Holdings with Latest 1,045 BTC Purchase




Whether in the midst of a bear market or bull market, MicroStrategy has proven dedicated to acquisition gameplan for BTC.  The most recent example of this came on April 4th, with CEO Michael Saylor announcing the firms most recent purchase of 1,045 BTC.

A Holdings Breakdown

This latest purchase, which totaled 1,045 BTC, saw MicroStrategy acquire the assets at an average price of $28,016 each.  With it, the firm now boasts that it holds 140,000 BTC in its treasury reserve, and brought down its average purchase price to $29,803.

Leading up to this most recent purchase, MicroStrategy had also continued padding its BTC wallet as recently as 9 days prior, with another purchase of 6,455 BTC at the time.  Notably, MicroStrategy was also able to pay off a $205M BTC collateralized loan at the same time, capitalizing on a 22% discount.

A Shared Fate

With its continued BTC accumulation, MicroStrategy would appear to be increasingly tying its fate to that of Bitcoin.  Thankfully for CEO Michael Saylor, it appears as though the decision to adopt BTC as its primary treasury reserve asset was a wise one.

Source: Twitter @saylor

While the firm appears to be slightly underwater with its overall buy-in average, Saylor is quick to note that since it began down its current path of accumulation, BTC has wildly outperformed just about every other asset class.

With a growing sentiment that the latest crypto-winter is now behind us, combined with on-going stressors on traditional banks, it would appears as though MicroStrategy is well positioned to take advantage of capital fleeing TradFi and the beginning of a potential mass adoption event.

Ancillary Efforts

Accumulating BTC great and all, but MicroStrategy is not content to stop there.  Notably, the company is also a founding member of the Bitcoin Mining Council, hosts educational tool through @saylordotorg, and has begun hosting conferences to promote the adoption of Lightning Network among corporations.

Joshua Stoner is a multi-faceted working professional. He has a great interest in the revolutionary 'blockchain' technology.