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Joule Case Unveils New Energy Storage System: The Olympus Power Platform

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Energy Storage System

Joule Case, a portable, battery-based generator provider, has unveiled its new Grid Scale solution, the Olympus Power Platform. The unveiling was announced by James Wagoner, CEO and co-founder of Joule Case, this week on Wednesday.

“This product will be our strategic focus for the next five years, as it presents the largest growth opportunity in the market and the largest customer relationships we have all revolved around these products,” said Wagoner.

Olympus is a modular power distribution and energy storage system that addresses the most pressing issues, sustainability, and progress through its two modules, Zeus and Atlas. According to Joule Case, Olympus is the future of portable power and is already future-ready.

Founded in 2015, the US-based Joule Case provides battery modules, control modules, solar modules, and stackable systems for residential, commercial, and industrial usage. Its backup power supply is a clean and quiet alternative to noisy gas generators.

Along with the announcement of the new product, which is live on the Joule Case website and open for orders, Wagoner also reminded investors that those wanting to become a part of the company have until early next week to do so.

“There are only six days remaining to invest or increase your stake in the company,” said Wagoner on Jan. 25.

The crowdfunding campaign is currently live on Wefunder platform, which allows people to invest in founders building the future. People can invest as little as $100 in the startups and small businesses they believe in and want to be a part of their growth.

The platform, which boasts over 1 million angel investors, is also offering IRA retirement investment options. This means interested people can now invest in Joule Case within an IRA strategy.

Solving the Problem of Sustainability & Progress

Earlier this week, in a YouTube video, the company shared how Olympus enables scalable, emissions-free power to serve construction sites to EV Charging.

Olympus Power Platform by Joule Case

The Olympus Power Platform by Jewel case is a modular power distribution and energy storage system that is much better than the current portable power sources like loud, dirty, toxic generators. Olympus is quiet, clean, and safe. It can go with you wherever you go. And it is not dependent on the unreliable power grid.

It further details just how Olympus answers the energy challenges through Zeus and Atlas. Zeus is a powerful energy storage and S335,000 inverter system that provides massive grid-scale power where needed, such as at remote worksites and local utility substations, as well as some of the largest events.

This product is Joule Case's answer to growing calls for replacing the largest diesel generators, often used in heavy industry or temporary sites like music festivals. With this system, power equivalent to a substation can be placed at a site, connected, and endlessly supplied with swappable Atlas energy in a few minutes.

Atlas, on the other hand, is a DCFC Ready Battery Module that provides the energy on demand needed for massive fleet trucks and vehicles. It supports Zeus with endless energy and enables a fast, seamless transition to renewable energy.

Made to deliver world-class power, Atlas is a future-proof energy source and EV charging system complete with DC/DC bidirectional converters. It is designed to handle any type of renewable energy source or power requirement. Its standardized cleats and locking accessories make its transportation and deployment easy, meaning you can chain them, stack them, and add as much power and energy as you need.

The onboard DC converters allow a single Atlas to immediately provide Level 3 DC Fast Charging for multiple vehicles with little to no infrastructure installed at a site. This also means multiple Atlas units can be combined together to provide MegaWatt scale DC Fast Charging for heavy-duty vehicles delivering power that the present grid cannot supply today to electrify metro fleet vehicles and long haul trucking power.

Investors who wish to learn more should visit the Joule Case fundraising page.

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