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Investing In Trust Wallet Token – Everything You Need to Know

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Trust Wallet Token (TWT) is a popular non-custodial crypto wallet. The network provides services to a wide variety of cryptocurrencies which has helped it to become a favorite among traders. Additionally, the network includes some educational aspects to help you become a better crypto trader.

Trust Wallet Token Sees Massive Gains

November 2022 saw TWT secure a major uptick in users. According to company statistics, the network increased in value by 150% in a six day period alone. This growth happened despite most cryptos taking 20% losses due to the FTX bankruptcy. TWT has managed to position itself ideally for this scenario.

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) - Twitter

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) – Twitter

The network currently shows +25 million wallet addresses. Additionally, the number of holders saving TWT tokens has increased. The average balance rose from 1,000 TWT to 10 million TWT tokens. This growth follows a glowing endorsement from Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

What Problems Does Trust Wallet Token Attempt to Fix?

There are a lot of different issues that the Trust Wallet Token seeks to eliminate. For one, it’s all about security with this protocol. The network provides users with non-custodial options which means your crypto remains in your control. This strategy is ideal because it prevents massive hacks or delays and losses.

On and Off Ramp

The next major issue for crypto users that TWT tackles is adoption confusion. The protocol was designed to be an off-and-on ramp for new users. As such, it's simple to use. New users can easily send and receive crypto using the helpful interface.


Another major issue that crypto users have complained about is a lack of transparency. The Trust Wallet Token provides true trackability via its open-source code. You can verify transactions and balances in seconds using a blockchain explorer.

Lack of Privacy

There is a growing lack of privacy among crypto users. More exchanges are demanding that you provide personal information. The problem is that they are not good at protecting this information afterward. As such, this structure can lead to data breaches. TWT ensures that only the person with keys can access the funding in the wallet. Additionally, the company refrains from tracking or selling your data.

Benefits of Trust Wallet Token

One of the main benefits of TWT is its simplistic nature. The protocol was designed from day 1 to be easy to access by anyone. The protocol streamlines crucial parts of the onboarding process including purchasing cryptocurrencies directly.


Few wallets can support the sheer number of tokens TWT can handle. The protocol helps users avoid confusion and the need to use multiple wallets. The Trust Wallet is a powerful tool that supports 70 blockchains and thousands of tokens. This flexibility is ideal for a mobile wallet because you always have access to the crypto you need.

NFT Support

Another major plus for TWT users is its support for the latest blockchain assets.  Anyone can now buy, sell, collect and showcase their NFT collection to the world. The NFT sector is on fire with art NFTs already fetching millions. TWT was created to help NFT users better manage and create their digital assets.

Available on Multiple Platforms

Another major bonus for TWT users is that it’s available across a wide selection of platforms. You can download the TWT wallet for free and enjoy it on your Apple, Android, and PC without delay. The download is free and takes only minutes to set up. Once you are set up, you can instantly begin trading and purchasing digital assets.

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) - Dapp

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) – Dapp

Buy Crypto with Credit Card

One of the biggest draws for the Trust Wallet is its credit card support. You can purchase cryptocurrencies using VISA or MasterCard. The platform has set some purchase limits but at $20,000 per day, most traders will never hit that limit. Best of all, the purchase occurs directly within the app making the entire process easier for all.

How Does Trust Wallet Token Work?

The Trust Wallet Token protocol operates as a non-custodial crypto wallet. The token was first designed for Ethereum but now has branched into other networks like Binance and Tron. This structure makes the protocol better suited for today’s fast-paced crypto environment.


Another major plus is the networks Dapp sector. Here you can browse through a selection of popular Dapps to improve your blockchain experience. The system makes it easy to search and open the Dapps you need in a timely manner. You can also list your creations in this section to secure a boost in users.

Trade P2P

Another major offering by the network is P2P lending. These systems enable regular users to lend out their unused crypto to others.  In return, they receive interest in the form of crypto rewards. These networks are hugely popular because they provide faster access to funding and are more transparent than other options


TWT stakers secure passive income with minimal risk using this network. The TWT staking options include a variety of different functions. You can stake to secure passive returns. You may also stake to particpate in the community governance systems on the network.

Token – TWT

TWT is the main utility token for the Trust Wallet Token network. The token operates as a BEP-20 utility token currently which has helped it to remain responsive and scalable. Notably, the developers issued 90 billion TWT at launch. Only a few months later, the team burned 99% of the tokens. This left the market with only 1 billion TWT tokens in circulation currently.


If you stake your TWT tokens, you can gain access to the network's voting system. This mechanism enables you to vote on and put forth upgrades to the network. The community governance system provides another layer of transparency and is more democratic than previous structures.

How to Buy Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

Currently, Trust Wallet Token (TWT) is available for purchase on each of the following exchanges.

Paybis is a truly global company offering services to residents from 180+ countries, including Canada, Europe, UK, & USA.

KuCoin – This exchange currently offers cryptocurrency trading of over 300 other popular tokens.  It is often the first to offer buying opportunities for new tokens.  USA Residents are Prohibited.

Binance – Accepts Australia, Singapore, and most of the world. Canada & USA residents are prohibited. Use Discount Code: EE59L0QP for 10% cashback on all trading fees. 

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) – When Your Timing is on Point

The recent surge in TWT accounts is a sure sign that traders are finally ready to take their tokens off of custodial exchanges. Networks like TWT provide a safer and more open option to users. As such, you can expect to see even more users adopt TWT over time as a way to improve security.

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