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Investing In Holo (HOT) – Everything You Need to Know

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Holo (HOT) is an open-source framework for creating distributed peer-to-peer applications. It operates as a cloud hosting market for Dapps. The network is unique in that it incorporates an agent-centric to the market. Anyone can leverage inexpensive cloud hosting services and create robust Dapps using Holochain. As such, the developers behind the concept seek to bring the benefits of distributed apps to anyone with a web browser. In this way, Holo provides a combination of services that both traditional and blockchain applications lack.

What Problems Does Holo (HOT) Attempt to Fix?

Holo was built from the ground up to tackle multiple issues currently facing the market. For one, it eliminates centralization. The unique technical structure of the network ensures a balance is maintained between freedom and accountability for users. This concept of mutual sovereignty enables the network to remain secure while also providing a plethora of services to users.

Holo Features

Holo Features

Energy Consumption

Holo introduces some proprietary technology to remain sustainable. Unlike the competition, Holo doesn't require mining or staking. Instead, the network integrates a new sustainable economic model that provides a more efficient alternative to the current status quo.

Lack of accountability

Holo provides users and chain hosts with true accountability. Each piece of data has a cryptographic audit trail connected to its author. Additionally, every user helps enforce shared application rules. This strategy enables the network to quickly identify and remove bad actors.

Benefits of Holo (HOT)

Holo provides a lot of benefits to users. For one, the network offers self-owned data, a distributed database, and peer accountability on another level. Here are some other features and benefits that make Holo a project worth watching.


Holo integrates sharding to ensure that it remains scalable regardless of the size of the network. Sharding is a storage method that breaks data up into smaller portions called shards. This strategy enables a blockchain to obtain near-unlimited scalability. As such, Holo is reliable and fast compared to the competition.

Open Programming Interfaces

Blockchain developers enjoy more flexibility and a streamlined creative process. The open programming interface enables developers to create new and exciting Dapps with ease. Best of all, users always have access to their data due to Holo's technical characteristics.

Holo - Homepage

Holo – Homepage

Consent-Based Permission Control

The network introduces advanced content-based permissions. This strategy enables developers to create a wide selection of blockchains. Additionally, it protects Holo networks from unauthorized use.


Each Holochain application creates its own encrypted peer-to-peer network. These networks leverage advanced blockchain security protocols to ensure that they remain valid and secure. Holo chain has never been hacked. Today, it offers services to a large user base that continues to expand.

How Does  Holo (HOT)  Work

Holo integrates an innovative P2P architecture that enables applications to connect user devices directly to each other via secure networks. These networks operate as individual source chains. These chains contain independent nodes that are validated against each other. Best of all, since all applications run on your device, the network is able to create self-owned identities and data in a responsive manner.


When a user creates a new network it’s known as DNA. A DNA is officially launched whenever a user application is installed on the Halochain runtime. Notably, all DNAs contain vital network information including functions for accessing, writing, and validating data. The DNA also describes how peers connect within the protocol.

After a new DNA enters the network, the system then creates a source chain. This is where all the data your DNA creates will be stored. This step adds an extra layer of security as all transactions are signed by a private key. Additionally, the system will also require the host to provide evidence they have seen and agree to follow all the rules set in place.

Optional Membrane Proof

Network creators may elect to integrate an optional membrane proof into their chain. These are the network's entry requirement. This data can include items such as Invite codes, proof of dues, vouchers, and more. In this way, you can ensure only the right users gain access to your network.

Agent ID

The agent ID serves as a public compliment to a private key. It acts as a unique identifier within the network. You can use your agent id to complete tasks such as verifying signatures and more.

DHT Shard

Every network participant holds a DHT shard. These shards contain random potions of public data that have been shared across the network. The technical aspects of sharded networks make them much faster than blockchains that employ other methods of data storage.

Individual Agency

Every user runs a copy of the Holo app when they participate in Holo networks. The system is designed to ensure that your identity and data remain on your machine. The data you create is then stored in your journal and verified using a unique key. This approach ensures that every individual agency acts accordingly.

Cryptographic Autonomy License

The Cryptographic Autonomy License holds the rights of end-users in addition to the developer stakeholders. Users must agree to the terms of this agreement to access the features and services of Holochain or its sub-networks.

Holo (HOT) - Homepage

Holo (HOT) – Homepage

Shared Rules

The shared rules protocol is used to identify bad actors within the network. You can think of this protocol as a social contract between users and the network. If a user violates this agreement, they can be expelled from the network indefinitely.

Holochain Foundation

The Holochain Foundation operates as a global community of individuals and projects. The goal of this non-profit is to promote the further expansion and adoption of Holo products and services. Unlike the competition, the Holochain Foundation has its own revenue-generating corporation called Holo Ltd.

Holo Ltd

The main purpose of Holo Ltd is to fund the expansion of the Holochain Foundation. This unique approach provides the network with access to funding and direct market data.

How to Buy Holo (HOT)

We recommend the following exchanges to purchase Holo (HOT).

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Paybis is a truly global company offering services to residents from 180+ countries, including Canada, Europe, UK, & USA.

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Holo (HOT) – Bringing the Power of Decentralization to the Market in New Ways

The Holo concept is unique in many ways. Developers are sure to enjoy the limitless storage capabilities and responsiveness of the network due to its sharded design. Additionally, the added features and permissions enable developers to build complex and robust Dapp ecosystems with ease. For these reasons, Holo is well-positioned in the market.

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