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Human Rights Foundation Awards New Grants From Bitcoin Development Fund



The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has announced 10 new grants across the globe as part of its ongoing Bitcoin Development Fund. The grants total 425 million satoshis, which are the smallest divisible unit of Bitcoin, and they will go to various contributors. 

According to the HRF statement, “this round focuses on Bitcoin core, lightning, and wallet development as well as expanding Bitcoin education and translation in emerging markets and authoritarian regimes.” 

The new announcement comes as the HRF continues to expand into the crypto ecosystem. In January 2021, the Foundation’s chief strategy officer Alex Gladstein warned that turning away from financial tools like Bitcoin could lead to a bigger police state in the U.S. The Foundation also urged the public not to demonize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

The Recipients

One of the recipients was Jarol Rodriguez, who received 100 million satoshis for his Bitcoin Core work. With the new funding, he will continue developer work on Bitcoin Core and build a new GUI client for Bitcoin Core. 

Farida Nabourema received 50 million satoshis to create “Togo’s Bitcoin Academy,” which is a program led by the leading human rights and democracy advocate. It will provide digital resources to educate Togolese citizens about Bitcoin, as well as attempt to provide financial freedom to human rights activists and journalists. 

Roya Mahboob was awarded 50 million satoshis to re-launch “The Women’s Annex,” which was created in 2013 by the entrepreneur. Mahboob has been working to educate women in Afghanistan about Bitcoin for nine years, and the Annex was originally a platform where female content creators could be paid in Bitcoin. 

Sparrow Wallet received 50 million satoshis for their Bitcoin desktop wallet, which is an open-source Bitcoin-only wallet focused on security, privacy, and usability. 

Some of the other recipients include Anita Posh, Boltz Exchange, Summer of Bitcoin, Exonumia, Blockchain Commons, and Meron Estefanos. 

The HRF received support from CMS Holdings, the Gemini Opportunity Fund, and Hameson Lopp to carry out the new initiative. The HRF has allocated more than $1.1 million worth of Bitcoin and dollars to over 30 developers and educators across the globe. 

Alex McFarland is a Brazil-based writer who covers the latest developments in artificial intelligence & blockchain. He has worked with top AI companies and publications across the globe.