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Globacap Exits FCA Sandbox, Becoming a Regulated Issuance Platform

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Exiting the Sandbox

Globacap was the recent participant in the 4th grouping of companies to take part in the FCA sandbox. Alongside 28 other companies, the FCA evaluated Globacap as an innovate product, with the potential to disrupt capital markets. Upon successful testing within the sandbox, Globacap has just announced that they have exited the ‘4th cohort’.

This announcement comes after a year within the sandbox, proving the validity and effectiveness of their platform. Globacap was able to demonstrate this through the tokenization of, not only their own shares, but also two other companies that underwent capital raises within this time period.

In making this move, the company now becomes the first fully regulated platform within the United Kingdom to offer digital securities issuance services.

Platform Capabilities

The purpose of the Globacap platform is to disrupt capital markets for investors, and SMEs alike. While SMEs benefit from easier access to capital through larger investor pools, the investor benefits through perks like increased liquidity.

Services offered by the company allow for the creation, sale, and issuance of digital securities; the likes of which may represent anything from equity, debt, and fractionalized ownership within art/real estate/etc.


Upon making their announcement, Globacap CEO, Myles Milston, took the time to comment. The following is what he had to say on the matter.

“The Sandbox programme has been a great experience, enabling us to come to market with a new application of an emerging technology in a controlled but quicker manner. From our groundbreaking proof of concept in August last year, to our product now coming to market, the support from the Innovate Team at the FCA was instrumental in the success of this journey.”


Globacap is young company, which is based in London, England. Above all, Globacap works to provide investors and SMEs access to a next-gen capital market platform.

Globacap was founded by a trio of individuals boasting decades of experience in financial markets. These include the following individiuals

Myles Milston – CEO and Founder

Alexander Green – CCO & Founder

Joanne Filbin – COO & Cofounder


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is a United Kingdom based regulator. Above all, they are tasked with overseeing regulations and enforcing compliance within financial sectors of the U.K. The purpose of the FCA is to ensure fair and transparent markets, providing investor protections.

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