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Flow (FLOW) Blockchain’s Starly NFT Marketplace Launches a David Bowie NFT Collection

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According to a recent announcement by Flow blockchain’s team, a brand new David Bowie NFT drop recently took place within the Flow (FLOW) ecosystem. The launch took place on January 27th, with the NFTs being created by Melos Studio, and now available in the blockchain’s native Starly NFT marketplace.

The launch has brought an incredible drop for music fans that even features unreleased art and audio, according to Flow’s recent tweet.

About the collection

David Bowie (8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016) was easily one of the most influential musicians in the world for several decades. He sold over 140 million records, which hints at the popularity of his music in all corners of the globe. Bowie also received the Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement Award back in 2006.

Now, Melos Studio decided to bring his legendary music back, and even add some of his unreleased work, including never-before-seen photos and unreleased music audio. The NFT offering on Starly says that those who purchase the NFTs will be able to hear Bowie’s monolog and laugh with friends during rehearsals and that every photo that comes as part of this collection has a story behind it.

Some examples include how Bowie managed to express such enthusiasm in front of his audiences, how he came up with this posture backstage, and more. Melos Studio sees this as not only an opportunity to bring back the fine art of David Bowie’s legacy but also to combine the past and the future together.

A few more things to know

Melos Studio also introduced some unique rules to the offering, including the fact that collectors who own Rare cards can receive another NFT airdrop by the studio on their website, while those who have cards with serial 1947 (David Bowie’s birth year) can receive an extra unique NFT airdrop by Melos Official. Those who purchase NFTs belonging to this collection during sales time will be able to share a $10,000 prize pool, and they will receive 100 WAVE points airdrop.

As mentioned, the collection dropped on January 27th, close to anniversaries of both his birth (January 8th) and death (January 10th). Its launch on Flow blockchain comes with several advantages. First comes from the fact that Flow is a lot more sustainable and adaptable than most alternatives, especially when it comes to unfamiliar cryptocurrency users. Next, its leading NFT marketplace, Starly, is one of the most user-friendly platforms that the Flow ecosystem has.

Starly has a goal of helping creators of gamified collectibles, even offering full tech support and step-by-step guidance for new users.

In total, the David Bowie collection has 12,000 individual NFTs. They are divided into one-by-120 legendary, three-by-1,000 rare, and four-by-2,220 common status cards.

Interestingly, following the launch of the collection, the Flow (FLOW) token price skyrocketed, going from a support at $4.80 to the resistance at $6. While the resistance stopped the coin’s progression for the time being, it did not reject its price, and FLOW is currently trying to breach this level.

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