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BitMart Lists Zebec Protocol (ZBC) and Announces a Limited-Time Flash Sale




Zebec Protocol, the continuous settlement protocol that aims to transform payroll, cash flow, and token vesting, has recently seen the listing of its native token, ZBC, on the crypto exchange BitMart. Now, the protocol has invited the community to head over to the platform as the exchange announced a celebratory event in honor of the Zebec listing.

To celebrate the listing of ZBC, BitMart is using its BitMart Earn service to offer a limited-time flash sale for Fixed Savings product on ZBC. Not only that, but it offers 80% APY. The subscription start time is today, October 14th, 2022, at 2 pm UTC.

Zebec’s new listing on BitMart has seemingly allowed its price to surge in the last 24 hours, going from $0.0144 to $0.0154. While a generally small increase, i still represents a 3% boost. Unfortunately, the $0.0155 level has been acting as a strong resistance for several days now, which is why the price has already been rejected and it dropped to $0.0150 at the time of writing.

The listing itself is an important move for Zebec Protocol, as it brings it to yet another established exchange. Not only that but the exchange now offers ZBC Fixed Savings, which will offer 7/14 days of basic financial products in ZBC.

How does it all work?

The 7-DAY APY will be 50%, while the 14-DAY APY will be 80%, according to the announcement. BitMart explained it further by saying that “User A has subscribed for 10,000 ZBC with a 7-day lock-up period. After the product matures, the interest earned by user A is 10,000 * 50% * 7/365 = 95.8904 ZBC.

BitMart’s Fixed Savings is a feature that pays interest on cryptocurrencies deposited during a pre-set duration. This can be 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days. Users cannot redeem funds prior to the pre-set redemption date comes, and the funds will then be redeemed automatically on the redemption date. Both the principal and interest will be sent to the spot wallet without any redemption or transfer fees.

BitMart and Zebec pointed out that users will be served on the “first come, first served” basis, so interested users are advised to join the program as soon as possible. Apart from that, they should make sure that there are enough available funds in the account when subscribing. The system will calculate the interest on its own.

Following the successful subscription, the system will also change the status of account assets from “available” to “locked.” Finally, when the product matures, it will be redeemed automatically.

To learn more about Zebec Protocol, visit our Investing in Zebec Protocol guide.

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