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Top 10 Bitcoin Watches That Make a Statement



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Bitcoin Watches

Let your friends and family know you support the decentralized economy with one of these stylish Bitcoin watches. The crypto market has grown rapidly, and Bitcoin remains the dominant force. As such, it's no surprise to see the Bitcoin fashion and décor sectors expanding.

Every savvy crypto user should have at least one stylish watch to help them keep track of their days. Whether you’re a first-time Bitcoiner or whale trader, there's a timepiece to meet your style and budget requirements. Here are the top 10 Bitcoin watches that make a statement.

1. Astronomia Solar

The Astronomia Solar comes from the expert crafters at Jacob & Co. This epic watch captures the essence of Bitcoin with its highly crafted details and fine materials. The watch faceplate features 43 jewels with an 18k rose gold microchip faceplate. Around the plate reads “Bitcoin – Decentralized currency – peer-to-peer blockchain.”

The details in this stunning piece are unmatched. The two rotating prongs on the watch face feature key details of the Bitcoin ecosystem. The watch hands sit atop an ASIC miner fan to represent the mining community, while the other prong features a black titanium rocket ship with a gold inlay Bitcoin logo.

Source - Jacob & Co.

Source – Jacob & Co.

The center of the watch has a rose gold Earth circled by a one-carat diamond moon and a large sapphire Sun.  These items are set to rotate every 10 minutes to represent the Bitcoin block times. There's also a rotating Bitcoin logo that adds another level of opulence to the unit.

The Astronomia Bitcoin is a special release with only 25 pieces ever created. It sold out and is only available on second-hand markets. Notably, this high-priced collector's item isn't for everyone as it will set you back +400k. However, if you're in the market for an epic timepiece to shut down the competition, Astronomia Solar will get the job done.

2. Nakamoto Chronograph

Next on the list is the Frank Muller Nakamoto Chronograph. This eccentric ode to the world's first cryptocurrency incorporates a variety of Bitcoin-specific details that would make any blockchain user smile. The watch is set in Frank Miller's classic chronograph style, which adds to its elegance.

The Nakamoto chronograph has a gold-inlay face plant that represents a computer chip, with each connection meeting at diamond terminals. The center of the face is open to allow you to see its build's precise moment and details. The white skeleton hands glide atop three smaller dials that feature Bitcoin-inspired art.

Source - Frank MUller

Source – Frank Muller

One dial features an iconic anonymous mask representing the revolutionary nature of Bitcoin. An adjacent dial reads “Nakamoto and Skunkworks.” Skunk Works is the American spyplane development team credited with making some of the world's most iconic jects, including the SR-71 Blackbird.

The coolest feature of the Nakamoto Chronograph is the 3d barcode located at the top center of the faceplate. This code enables you to receive Bitcoin payments directly through your watch.   Of course, all of these qualities and features come with a cost. The Nakamoto Chronograph is a limited 100-piece release that retailed for around $54,672 during its launch.

3. Frank Muller Vanguard Encrypto

Frank Muller raised eyebrows across the market when they were the first watch artisans to release a functional luxury Bitcoin watch in February 2021. The Vanguard Crypto incorporates the classic Frank Muller watch design with many other crucial details that make it unique.

This limited edition crypto collector's piece has skewed numbers surrounding a large laser-etched Bitcoin logo. Above the logo is a functional 3D barcode connected to a non-custodial wallet. As such, you can collect payments directly from the device. The private key is delivered separately on a sealed USB to protect your wallet passphrase.

Source - Frank Muller

Source – Frank Muller

This device features a limited edition titanium silhouette and is available in four distinct layouts: black, gold, diamond face, and titanium. The skewed numbers and digital camo faceplate give this watch a unique character. Additionally, the high-quality leather strap was designed to remain comfortable with daily wear.

Unlike the first two watches on this list, you can get your hands on the Vanguard Encrypto for only around +$20k. It's not a bad deal, considering the quality, brand, and features. However, even though it's the most affordable option on  the list so far, this price point is still a long way away from the average crypto users watch budget

4. Brass Bitcoin Watch

The company DiscountWorldz introduces a slim profile brass timepiece that is sure to get some attention. This classic design features a clean leather strap that meets with a traditional solid brass silhouette to give this watch a relaxed business attire feel. It goes well with nearly every outfit.

The brass watch face features a large raised Bitcoin logo with an infinity sign on one side and the other reading 2009, the year Bitcoin entered the market and changed the world forever. On the bottom of the face, it reads, “In cryptography, we trust ” which is another cool and unique design feature.

Source - Discountworldz

Source – Discountworldz

Around the watch face is a Latin inscription that reads Libertas, Aequitas, and Veritas, which means liberty, truth, and justice. These statements capture the essence of the Bitcoin community and its goals. The choice to use Latin is a nod to Bitcoin's timelessness.

This elegant watch combines classic styling with a reliable 2040 quartz movement to keep you on time. The unit is versatile and is a great addition to nearly any occasion. Additionally, for $129.00, it will be thousands less than the other options discussed so far.

5. Bitcoin Espanol

The Spanish-speaking Bitcoiners of the world can appreciate the next offering on this list. This Bitcoin Espanol features a polished stainless steel band designed to hold up over the years and remain comfortable. This affordable option looks great and, at $49.00, won't break the bank.

The watch incorporates a large orange Bitcoin logo in its centerpiece, surrounded by sayings highlighting Bitcoin goals. The face reads, Moneda de la gente, para la gente, and por la gente. This phrase translates to money of the people, money by the people, money for the people.

Source - Amazon

Source – Amazon

Inside the watch is a Japanese movement that keeps it on time via an elegant single-dial design. The battery features decent life and can handle years of wear. Nicely, the polished stainless steel band has a folding clasp which ensures it doesn’t fall off during activities.

Notably, this watch has been an affordable and popular option since its launch in 2021 and can be purchased with a 2-3-year warranty. This is a battery-powered unit that has a 9mm dial thickness. This watch is a cool daily wear option that won't leave you seeking another job to afford it.

6. Mini Lu Bitcoin Watch

The Mini Lu Bitcoin watch features a slim alloy design that makes it comfortable to wear for extended times. This versatile watch is suitable for outdoor activities, business attire, and everything in between. The solid steel strap provides durability and can withstand years of wear without becoming unusable.

This low-cost Bitcoin watch will only cost $23 and will look great. Thanks to the butterfly buckle design, the watch stays on your wrist during activities. It doesn’t require winding, as it's battery-powered, and it can last for months without a need to charge or change batteries.

Source - Mini Lu

Source – Mini Lu

The large, tilted Bitcoin logo in the center of the white watch face says everything people need to know about your crypto stance. This unit is not as flashy as some of the other options on this list, but it is a reliable and affordable option that anyone can enjoy. If you're looking for a daily wear Btiocin watch, this option is a respectable decision.

7. Bitcoin Lightning by Nudquio

The Bitcoin Lightning is a unique timepiece that captures the essence of Bitcoin and its top second layer scaling solution, the Lightning Network. The watch features a black face with silver dials. There are no numbers on the face. Instead, Bitcoin logos, coins, and multiple lightning strikes décor the faceplant.

Source - Nudquio

Source – Nudquio

The watch integrates a quartz movement to help it remain on time. The mirrored stainless steel case gives the watch a durable feel that can handle a day out on rugged terrain without falling to pieces and still look great. The Lightning Network is seen by many as Bitcoin's best scaling solution. As such, it's cool to see some fashion focused on supporting this sub-community. In the future, you can expect to see more Lightning Network-centric options emerge.

8. Bitcoin Pocket Watch

Always be on time and stylish with the Badalo Bitcoin pocket watch. This beautifully fashioned classic watch adds character to any outfit. Your friends and family will be left with no other option but to recognize this instant conversation starter.

The Bitcoin pocket watch comes in four distinct styles that make it stand out. You can choose between gold, black, silver, and titanium. Also, the watch has a large logo on its lid with a computer chip design in the background. Around the design reads Bitcoin digital Decentralized peer-to-peer.

Source - Badalo

Source – Badalo

Each option has a quality build and nostalgic feel that is a huge bargain at around $34.  These units come with an attached chain to make it easy to pull out this statement piece whenever needed. Keenly, the movement of the timepiece is quartz, which ensures you're always on time.

This watch is cool for many reasons. For one, it's unisex, meaning more Bitociners can show their support. Also, its classy and timeless design perfectly balances old and new worlds in a manner that enhances both. If you want to make a splash when someone asks you the time, this watch is a cool pick.

9. Bitcoin Piggy Bank Sport Watch

The Bitcoin Piggy Bank sports watch is a low-cost alternative that provides style and comfort without breaking the bank. This unit features a multicolored nylon strap that seamlessly matches most styles. The traditional clasp keeps the watch locked to your arm during activities, and it is both light and breathable.

This is the most affordable option on this list coming in at around $20. Anyone can rock this stylish timepiece and support the crypto movement. The large white dial and traditional hands sit above a piggy bank design with a single Bitcoin dropping in, representing staking stats. Thankfully, you can easily read all the numbers on the face due to its simplistic design.

Source - Amazon

Source – Songting

This unisex option is a great choice for both men and women. The watch can be worn all day without any discomfort due to its light weight of only 3.2 oz. If you want to give a fellow crypto user a watch that can be worn daily and doesn’t require you to scalp your savings, the Piggy Bank watch by SONGTING is a cool option to consider.

10. The PostModern Fiat Watch

The PostModern Fiat watch by eWatchFactory is another affordable option ranging from $47 – $100. This artistic rendition features a custom-designed hooded Bitcoiner holding a coin with a Bitcoin logo. The face reads “established 2009,” paying homage to Bitcoin’s launch.

This option watch uses a stainless steel structure to prevent damage and weighs around .319 lb. The Japanese quartz ensures that the unit remains on time and reliable. Additionally, other décor items leverage the same design so you can bring your room and fashion together nicely.

Source - eWatchFactory

Source – eWatchFactory

The PostModern Fiat watch comes with a huge selection of straps and layouts. You can choose a classic stainless steel band for a more formal look, or go with a suave leather option for comfort. There are also gold/silver Rolex-looking variations.  Notably, all options are available in both men's and females and come with a 1-year warranty which adds to its customer confidence.

It's Time for Bitcoin Watches to Shine

No matter how far along you are on your crypto journey, you will need a reliable timepiece to help you stay ahead of schedule. Each piece on this list shows your support and help in getting others interested in the crypto movement. As such, it's time for every Bitcoiner to obtain at least one of these fun statement pieces.

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