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Axie Infinity Prepares for 2022 With Development Updates

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Axie Infinity (AXS) has made several new announcements in preparation for the 2022 year, including new team members, game development, and growth. 

One of the new features currently under development is the Project K trading feature, which the Axie team is building out to enable players to trade different resources with one another. According to the company's January Development Update, this feature will take more than a month to build, given the work required for major features. The team is also creating new concepts and modeling for assets like buildings and items. 

It also announced the development of Axie Infinity: Origin (Battles V3), with a target alpha test launch within a few months. Origin will introduce a brand new storyline for players, along with various other features in the game. 

Another big announcement had to do with the company's growth, which has been moderately increasing over the last year and will play a significant role with the new launches in 2022. The growth team is working to make Origin's onboarding process much easier than the current experience. With the new approach, players will be able to receive free starter Axis before spending any money, which will help grow the communities and make the game more accessible. 

There will also be new economic balancing features and both a technical builders program and a creator program. Some of the possibilities the team is exploring include a referral code that will enable content creators to be rewarded for onboarding new players and a grants system for Axie community developers. 

The last announcement regarding growth had to do with the company's E-Sports team, which will be launching the second round of esport grants within days. 

The Axie team now includes over 100 members focused on different projects like Project K, Origin, Katana, and Ronin. The company has also been focused on growing the art team, bringing in new animators, 3D artists, and concept artists, all of which will look to improve the look of the game even further. 

The new announcements by Axie Infinity provide insight into the company's workings and its plans for 2022, which is set to be a crucial year for its development and expansion. 

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