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Alien Worlds Announces a TLM Airdrop on DappRadar

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DappRadar, the largest dApp marketplace in the world, is going to host an airdrop featuring the TLM token — a cryptocurrency belonging to the metaverse game called Alien Worlds. Alien Worlds itself announced the airdrop in a recent Reddit post, encouraging users to join the event if they wish to win some TLM tokens. Meanwhile, DappRadar used its Twitter to share an announcement of its own.

What do you need to know about the airdrop?

As mentioned, the airdrop will feature Alien Worlds (TLM) tokens, with a total of $400 worth of TLM scheduled to be distributed to 100 winners. In other words, each winner will receive a total of $4 in TLM. With the TLM price sitting at $0.02427 at the time of writing, that means that each winner will receive 164,84 TLM in total.

The airdrop registration already started two days ago, on July 4th, at 9:00 AM, and it will last for four more days. In order to join the airdrop, participants will need to provide their email address and connect their BSC wallet.

What is the TLM token?

The TLM token is a native cryptocurrency of the metaverse project called Alien Worlds. This is a strategy exploration game that combines elements of several of the largest trends in crypto industry, including DeFi, NFTs, metaverse, and blockchain gaming. It all takes place on the Wax blockchain, although the airdrop itself will take place on BNB Chain.

In the game, players can earn TLM through mining a scarce and important resource called Trilium (TLM). The project features a stimulated economy that is centered around multiple planetary worlds, which is where the DeFi elements come into play.

Once they obtain some TLM, players can invest it in efforts to obtain better mining equipment and become more efficient miners, which essentially means that the more they invest, the faster they can mine new TLM. The token also provides voting rights in planetary governance decisions, as each of the planets functions as a separate Planet DAO.

Furthermore, the TLM can also be used for staking, allowing users to receive passive rewards for supporting the token and the project behind it. Another thing to note is that, by mining in the game, players can also receive NFT packs. NFT packs can also be obtained by engaging in battle with other users and emerging victorious.

Still, mining TLM remains one of the core practices in Alien Worlds, and the NFTs represent the tools used for engaging in the mining process. The project offers a variety of different tools, different planets, different lands, each with unique stats that players are required to optimize in order to get the most out of their mining efforts.

Alien Worlds has seen a sharp rise in popularity, although that was not enough to protect its token from experiencing severe losses during the bear market that started in November 2021, and which is forcing the crypto prices down even now, in mid-2022.

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