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7 Remote Services to Make Life Easier for the Digital Nomad

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With so many jobs transitioning from office to remote work, it has never been more popular to live life as a digital nomad – someone who leverages the internet for work to facilitate life on the go.  The following are a few services set to make life a bit easier for those who choose to travel this road.


Life can be hectic and demanding, making it all too easy to sometimes put one's mental and physical health on the back burner.  For the digital nomad, this issue can be addressed through each of the following services, which look to assist clientele with both their physical and physiological needs.


Talkspace is a digital behavioral technology healthcare company that provides telehealth treatment options. It connects clients with a network of licensed therapists through a HIPAA-compliant web and mobile platform for psychotherapy and psychiatric care.

Benefits for Traveling/Remote Workers:

    • Accessibility: Provides mental health services that can be accessed from anywhere, making it convenient for remote or traveling workers.
    • Flexible Scheduling: Allows for scheduling sessions at convenient times, accommodating different time zones or work schedules.
    • Insurance Coverage: Partners with most major U.S. insurers and offers easy out-of-network reimbursement claims.

While access to a wide network of therapists is a wonderful thing, the main drawback to such a service is the potential inability to provide the same level of personal interaction as traditional in-person therapy.


iCliniq is an online platform providing medical second opinions and consultations with doctors via various channels.  This includes posting health queries in real-time face-to-face consultations over HD video and phone.

Benefits for Traveling/Remote Workers:

    • Global Access: Provides a platform to consult with doctors from around the world, which can be useful for traveling or remote workers who are away from their primary care physicians.
    • Various Consultation Modes: Offers different modes of consultation (text, phone, video), providing flexibility based on personal preference or situational need.
    • Mobility: Accessible from desktop, tablet, and mobile phone on both browsers and through mobile applications, making it a convenient choice for individuals on the move.
Source: X @icliniq

Unfortunately, not all ailments can be diagnosed and treated remotely.  While this is unavoidable in certain instances, it does not take away from the flexibility and convenience that iCliniq can offer for many others.

As a pair, Talkspace and iCliniq offer services that should serve to keep you in good physical and mental health while working remotely.  While certain limitations cannot be avoided, these are two areas that should not be overlooked.

Work Services

Being a digital nomad hinges on one's ability to make a living on the go.  This means accessing work opportunities remotely, facilitating such a lifestyle.  Each of the following platforms a popular solution to this.


Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with clients seeking digital services. It offers a range of services beneficial for traveling or remote workers, from graphic design, digital marketing, writing, video editing, and many more.

Benefits for Traveling/Remote Workers:

    • Variety of Services: Fiverr provides a platform where remote workers can offer or access a vast array of services necessary for their projects.
    • Flexible Work Environment: It supports the “Anywhere Workers” concept, whereby individuals can work from various locations, not limited to a single office space, making it ideal for digital nomads and remote workers.
    • Enterprise Solution: Fiverr Enterprise is a SaaS solution that helps companies manage their freelance workforce, which could be distributed globally.
Source: X @fiverr

Fiverr is a service that enables many freelance and short-term work opportunities across scores of industries.  While it may be quite competitive for workers and sometimes inconsistent for companies, the overall platform does a good job at not only facilitating the digital nomad lifestyle but also fostering high-quality work. is a platform dedicated to remote work, offering job listings, advice, and insights for remote workers and companies. It provides resources and a community for those working remotely or seeking to transition to remote work.

Benefits for Traveling/Remote Workers:

    • Job Listings: Provides a job board for remote positions, assisting traveling or remote workers in finding work opportunities.
    • Remote Work Insights: Offers advice and insights on working remotely, including handling challenges like working across different time zones.
    • Community Interaction: Features a Q&A section where remote workers and digital nomads can interact and share experiences.

Source: X @remote_co

Overall, this platform might not offer direct employment or contract opportunities but serves as a conduit to other platforms or companies offering remote work.  What it excels at is supporting a community for remote workers looking for a service dedicated to presenting both remote work opportunities and resources.

Both platforms serve as excellent resources for traveling or remote workers, with Fiverr providing a marketplace for freelance services and offering a community and resources for those pursuing remote work.


Just because you are not fixed in one location does not mean that there are no structured learning options for those homeschooling a child on the go.  In order to stay up-to-date on current curriculums, furthering your child's education through the following service is a great means of doing so.


Outschool is an online education platform offering live, online classes for kids and teens aged 3-18. The classes are taught by experienced, independent educators and are delivered via Zoom, allowing for a flexible learning experience. This platform enables kids and teens to explore their interests in a wide range of subjects beyond the traditional curriculum.

Benefits for Traveling/Remote Workers:

    • Remote Work Culture: Outschool has a distributed team across the US and Canada, promoting a remote work culture through various initiatives like expensable weekly meals, virtual events, expensable home office setup, and internet allowance.
    • Flexible Work Location: The opportunity to work from home or any location is supported at Outschool, making it a viable option for remote or traveling workers.
    • Teaching Opportunities: For those with teaching skills, Outschool offers a platform to teach almost any subject imaginable, with the requirement that teachers reside in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.
What is Outschool?

Whether it be due to traveling or forced in-home schooling, there is definitely a need for remote educational platforms.  Outschool does well at this by not only offering a diverse range of subjects but also a flexible platform. The main drawback is a lack of access within certain countries.


While healthcare, work opportunities, and continued education are all crucial to being a successful digital nomad, everyone needs to have a bit of fun.  To that end, the following are both services that offer experiences that are not only fun but educational and enlightening at the same time.


DeepSkyChile (DSC) is a service that hosts remotely operated telescopes in Chile for astronomical observations. It's situated at an optimal site for clear sky observations, far from light pollution, and offers exceptional seeing conditions.

Benefits for Traveling/Remote Workers:

    • Remote Telescope Hosting: Individuals or organizations can have their telescope equipment installed remotely in Chile without the necessity of being physically present there.
    • Telemetry Services: Provides real-time weather monitoring and other telemetry services essential for astronomers or astrophotographers working remotely.

Chile has long been viewed as one of the best locations for astronomical endeavors due to its clear skys, elevation, friendly regulations, stable atmosphere, and more.  With DSC's service of remotely installing and operating telescopes allows enthusiasts to experience these reasons why, simultaneously answering and posing new questions about the cosmos.


Slooh is an online platform providing access to robotic telescopes for space exploration and astrophotography. Users can view space in real-time through web browsers or engage in remote astrophotography using telescopes located in both hemispheres.

Benefits for Traveling/Remote Workers:

    • Remote Space Exploration: Allows individuals to explore space in real-time from their homes or any location with internet access.
    • Educational Resource: For educators or students, Slooh's online telescopes can be used as a learning tool to fit space lab learning activities into various curriculums.

At its core, Slooh boasts many of the same appeals as DSC – the ability for the average person to partake in astrophotography, satiating a human need to venture into the unknown.  Sure, there may be a learning curve associated with these services to utilize a telescope effectively, but that is also part of the draw for most who would be interested.

Each of these platforms offers unique services catering to different interests and professional needs, making them viable options for traveling or remote workers. Whether it's engaging in educational activities, exploring astronomical wonders, or hosting telescopes remotely, these platforms provide the resources and infrastructure to support such endeavors remotely.  Sure, these may come across as niche – but that is the point.  These services open up an opportunity to experience something profound that would normally be an afterthought.


The modern era of remote work has not only broken the traditional shackles that bound employees to a fixed location but has also fostered an ecosystem of digital services tailored to meet the diverse needs of digital nomads. From maintaining physical and mental health with platforms like Talkspace and iCliniq to exploring work opportunities on Fiverr and, and furthering education or pursuing hobbies in astronomy with Outschool, DeepSkyChile, and Slooh, the digital realm has expanded to accommodate the nomadic lifestyle seamlessly.

These platforms not only address functional needs but also provide a conduit to a community of like-minded individuals, thereby enriching the remote work experience. As the boundaries between work, learning, and leisure continue to blur, the digital nomad can find solace in the plethora of services designed to make life on the go not just feasible but enriching and enjoyable.

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