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Fusang Clients to Benefit from Securitize ‘Tool Shed’




Full Access

As Fusang looks to provide their clients with the best service possible, they have reached out, and established a new working relationship with Securitize.

This development will see Fusang gain access to the comprehensive suite of services developed by Securitize for the digital a securities sector.

It is unsurprising that Fusang has turned to Securitize, as the latter was directly responsible for tokenizing equity for Fusang, themselves.


To date, the suite of services developed, and offered, by Securitize is extensive.  By gaining access to them, Fusang will be able to offer their clients a wide variety of capabilities.  The following is just a small example of what Securitize, and now Fusang, have to offer.

By providing access to their services, Securitize stands to benefit greatly, as well.  Not only will Fusang be able to recommend them to clients, but Securitize will see their presence, and influence, in Asia grow.


Upon announcing this new partnership, representatives from each, Fusang and Securitize, took the time to comment.

Henry Chong, CEO of Fusang, stated,

“As Asia’s first fully-licensed digital stock exchange we are excited to fulfill the long-standing promise of security tokens. The ability to digitise securities not only allows for them to be traded quicker, cheaper, and more easily, but also allows for companies to rethink the value networks they create and what it means to be a shareholder. The future of securities is digital, and we have proven this through issuing our own digital equity.”

Carlos Domingo, CEO of Securitize, stated,

“We are very excited about our partnership with Fusang. Not only will the partnership help to promote digital securities adoption in Asia, but it will also give both companies more ability and opportunity to supply issuers in Asia with industry-leading technology and services.”

Past Licensure

Roughly one year ago, Fusang became the first company in Asia to receive licensure for operating a securities exchange.  After a year of growth, this licensure is about to come in handy, as partnering with Securitize will, hopefully, result in a flexible, and popular, platform.

Fusang Group Granted Securities Exchange License

Asian Expansion

The continent of Asia represents an area rife with potential.  Securitize has clearly recognized this, and despite being based in the U.S., have made a concerted effort over the last year to increase their ties to the East.

This has manifested in, not only multiple investments from companies, such as Sony, but through the acquisition of promising start-ups.  The following articles highlight a few of these instances.

Securitize Receives Backing from Sony

Securitize to Expand within Japan after Recent Investment

Acquisition Increases Ties Between Securitize and Japan


Founded in 2015, Fusang is headquartered in Hong Kong.  Through licensure attained in Malaysia, Fusang is notably the first Asian company able to operate as a securities exchange.

CEO, Henry Chong, currently oversees company operations.


Founded in 2017, Securitize is a U.S. based company.  Above all, Securitize works to serve the digital securities sector, through a comprehensive suite of services.  Through various investments and acquisitions, Securitize has managed to establish themselves as a market leader.

CEO, Carlos Domingo, currently oversees company operations.

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