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Zebec Protocol Announces Operation Horizon – An Initiative Meant to Improve WL Registration Time



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Zebec Protocol Announces Operation Horizon - An Initiative Meant to Improve WL Registration Time

Last Friday, Solana (SOL) suffered a major network outage, which ended up being the fourth one this year. While the network eventually managed to reestablish itself due to the developers’ intervention, it uncovered another point of failure of the network. Now, others are trying to learn from this experience, including Zebec Protocol, which announced on Twitter that the outage has caused it to decide to update the WL registration time.

According to the announcement, the WL registration time will now last for 8 days, starting today, October 3rd, ad 13:00 UTC and ending on October 11th at the same time.

Zebec’s Operation Horizon to take the project into the cross-chain sector

Addressing the situation, Zebec also posted a blog post on its Medium, announcing Operation Horizon as the way for people to co-build an ecosystem in collaboration with Zebec. The project noted that it hit a TVL of $300 million since its launch in March of this year, and it onboarded half a million community members. For the moment, it is the largest Business Facing project on Solana, and over 200 other projects n the ecosystem are using its stream payment mechanism every day.

As the payment apps continued to grow and expand, Zebec had to become a multi-chain project, noting that the global turmoil has stressed the need for payment apps to become highly resilient and adaptable in order to bypass high payment barriers.

To achieve this, Zebec came up with Operation Horizon — a roll-up chain that will enable a high transaction speed of 700,000 TPS. In addition, it will allow for the creation of a multi-chain infrastructure, making it easy for new allies and users to join the protocol. The first cross-chain expansion will be towards BNB, marking the first step of the new project.

Operation Horizon Details

As mentioned, recent problems with Solana have caused the project to rethink its Whitelist Registration time, and push it to start today, October 3rd, and end on October 11th. After that, Phase 1 will be ready to commence on October 13th, while the details involving Phase 2 have yet to be released.

Operation Horizon will consist of 2 key components – Zepoch Nodes and Themis Gavel. The Zepoch Node will allow developers to participate in the project’s validator staking and become certified validators. This will allow them to earn rewards and various exclusive privileges.

Also, those who buy a Zepoch Node will be rewarded with a Themis Gavel SBT, which will then let them participate in the ecosystem’s governance. The project noted that there is a total of 30,000 Zepoch NFTs available for sale and 30,000 additional Themis Gavell that will be synchronized with the sale.

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