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With an Eye on Security, Securrency to Integrate Krypti

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A Focus on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of the minds of many within the world of blockchain. It seems as though every day the industry is greeted with news of another hack, or mismanagement of funds. With this in mind, Securrency has reached out to Krypti, in an effort to ensure their own offerings are as safe as possible.

This partnership means that Securrency will be integrating security features, developed by Krypti, into their own digital securities platform. The tech-stack being offered by Krypti, is known as ‘MicroToken Exchange (MTE). This same technology powers their in-house digital wallet called KryptiWallet.


Within their press release, various representatives from Securrency and Krypti, spoke on this new partnership. Here is what they had to say on what this development means.

Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency, stated,

“Our strategic partnership with Krypti will greatly advance security to an unprecedented level…We’re excited to offer our customers the protection that Krypti’s technology now provides. It’s a game changer for the entire blockchain, crypto, and financial industries. MTE technology sets the bar when it comes to protecting sensitive data in and around blockchain.”

Anthony Bufinsky, Director of Institutional Sales and Special Projects at Securrency, stated,

“We are extremely pleased to add the KryptiWallet, as well as MicroToken Exchange technologies, into our full suite of services to enable issuers and investors with critical tools to support the overall security of smart digital securities. We are confident that these stakeholders will find the KryptiWallet, with its unmatched security and functionality, to be the best option available to an end user. We anticipate tremendous growth in this space in 2019 and increasing exponentially thereafter, so the prospect that millions of KryptiWallets being deployed through our partnership are very tangible. Given the significant recurring revenue that this will generate for both Krypti and Securrency, we are understandably very excited about this partnership.”

Steven Russo, Executive Vice President of Krypti, stated,

“Whether the financial sector is protecting financial transactions, stabilizing the market by protecting assets or securing data within blockchains, security is an absolute necessity today…The digital assets space cannot flourish without it. Our partnership with Securrency creates a new paradigm, advancing blockchain ecosystems to levels never before possible.”


Krypti is a young company focused on cybersecurity within the blockchain industry. They were founded in 2018, and maintain headquarters in the Cayman Islands.

Recognizing the benefits of blockchain-based crowdfunding, Krypti is actively hosting both an ICO and STO. Their STO provides investors with exposure to the company’s top line revenue. This offering is restricted to accredited investors only. Make sure to check out the Krypti site for full details on the event.

Krypti - Explainer Video


Founded in 2015, Securrency is based out of Washington, D.C.  They are a technology company that facilitates the issuance and trading of digital securities.

Over the past year, Securrency has become one of the leading, and most well-connected, companies within the sector. This has all occurred under the guidance of CEO, Dan Doney.

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