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Watchdog Capital to Launch ‘Decentralized Securities Platform’




Decentralized Securities Platform

In an effort to modernize traditional finance, Watchdog Capital has leveraged their capabilities to develop what they call a ‘Digital Assets Friendly Decentralized Securities Platform’.

This platform looks to use technologies, such as DLT and Blockchain, to eliminate the many inefficiencies which plague traditional markets. One area that stands to benefit from major improvement is the transfer of value among non-fungible assets – something that these news technologies excel at.

Naturally, due to the nature of the platform, Watchdog Capital has emphasized the importance of regulatory compliance. This includes extensive evaluations of their clients, ensuring that they meet all of the necessary KYC, AML, etc., requirements, before acting as their broker/dealer.

For those that qualify for use of the platform, a host of ancillary services, provided by Watchdog Capital, will be accessible.

Ancillary Services

As alluded above, Watchdog Capital is a registered FINRA broker/dealer with the SEC. This designation allows for the company to offer service above and beyond many. A few examples of their capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Securities underwriting
  • Investment banking
  • OTC


Upon announcing the launch of Watchdog Capital, owner Bruce Fenton took the time to comment on, not only the ideals of the team behind the project, but the importance of the move as well. He stated,

“Many of the ideals from the Bitcoin industry can benefit the securities industry. Cypherpunks write code to protect consumers and their privacy and to give them more control over their digital lives.  This isn’t at odds with the pro-free market ideals of the U.S. stock markets, in fact it can be very complimentary.  Watchdog believes in cypherpunk values, privacy, personal property rights, Austrian economics, security and Bitcoin as global money. The firm will work to push the limits of this technology as the digital securities ecosystem evolves.”

He continued,

“Watchdog is particularly interested in the future of technologies like decentralized exchanges, cross chain atomic swaps, the Lighting network and privacy tools for digital assets.  This is an ever-evolving area and the team believes we can merge the best of decentralized technology and its core values in a regulated environment… “We’ve been building for some time and Chainstone has been quietly working on constructing an industry best practices model for securities technology. Watchdog is both very conservative and traditional regarding compliance but also embracing the latest developments in technology.”

Bruce Fenton

bruce fenton

Bruce Fenton

Not only is Bruce Fenton the CEO of Atlantic Financial, he is a longstanding advocate for Bitcoin. The announcement of Watchdog Capital is appropriate, as it allows him to further influence and develop the world of blockchain through services proffered.

Watchdog Capital

Operating out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Watchdog Capital is a newly licenced broker-dealer, which operates as a subsidiary of Chainstone Labs. Above all, the company looks to serve the FinTech industry by utilizing technologies such as DLT and Blockchain. Naturally, this focus has led to a specialization in digital securities.

In Other News

While the role and title of broker-dealer is an important one, there are various others required to make the FinTech sector function optimally. The following article takes a brief look at a few of the industry designations, and examples of companies holding these titles.

Titles and Designations among Industry Participants

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