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Vertalo Demonstrates Ease of Tokenization with Inaugural Webinar

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Tokenization Webinar

When reading about the merits of tokenization, and ease of completion, many can be skeptical. In an effort to do away with misguided notions regarding the viability of such capabilities, Vertalo and Wave Financial took to a live webinar.

In this event, which took place on Nov. 20th, Vertalo CEO, Dave Hendricks, and CTO, William Baxter, were joined by Wave Financial President, Benjamin Tsai.

Key Points

Throughout the course of the webinar the trio demonstrate various capabilities pertaining to digital assets. These include,

  • On-boarding capitalization tables
  • Tokenizing Assets
  • Choosing a token provider
    • Demonstrated on both Tezos and Ethereum

What makes these capabilities interesting is their ease of implementation. Dave Hendricks likens their ‘digital asset OS’ to the advent of AOL in the 90’s. He emphasises the importance of each event, as they represent the first ‘on-ramp’ for mainstream use of the technologies, by offering intuitive, easy to understand, interfaces.

Live, with Dave Hendricks

Vertalo Webinar Series: Episode 1

Built By Vertalo, For Vertalo. Shared with the World

An interesting point touched on by Dave Hendricks, in this session, was the fact that the software suite developed by the company was originally a solution for overcoming their own hurdles.

When considering an ICO in 2017, the company found that there were too many issues associated with this means of fundraising. The recognition of these difficulties led to them traversing the waters of digital securities. Months into this decision, it was determined that the very software developed to help themselves also had the ability to help others.

This realization led them down a path which has resulted in Vertalo seeing greater levels of adoption than most, as others seek out what they have to offer.

Speaking with Dave

One entry in our continuing interview series belongs to that of Vertalo CEO, Dave Hendricks. In this exclusive interview, he discusses what it is that Vertalo does, and their vision moving forward.

Interview Series – Dave Hendricks, CEO of Vertalo


Operating out of Austin, Texas, Vertalo was founded in 2017. While specializing in cap-table management, Vertalo has branched out and developed a suite of services built to serve the growing digital securities sector.

Wave Financial

Founded in 2018, Wave Financial operates out of Los Angeles. The company has set out to assist in the adoption of digital assets through offering various services. Wave Financial lists these services as the following.

  • Early state asset investment
  • Asset management
  • Treasury management

Wave Financial has been an early adopter of Vertalo, and has been greatly beneficial in the development of their ‘digital asset OS’.

CEO, David Siemer, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

Vertalo found themselves in our news feed as recently as this week. In this particular instance, their services were sought out by Sarson Funds in various capacities. Check out the following article to learn more about this collaboration.

Sarson Funds Prepares for Raise with Vertalo