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Ultra Publishes Ultra Notes — The First in the Upcoming Series of Dev Updates

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Ultra (UOS) is one of the growing blockchain gaming projects that act as a publishing platform and ecosystem for video games and video game content. The project’s mission is to remove the standing monopoly held by the platforms like Steam and provide new opportunities for developers, players, influences, and anyone else who is tied to the gaming industry in any way.

With a goal of reaching greater levels of transparency, the project recently posted a tweet, inviting its community members to read its first Ultra Notes — its company and development report that reveals all the recent moves that the project made.

What is new with Ultra?

According to the Ultra Notes report this will be a regular series featuring a list of company updates, improvements, and even relevant bug fixes for the Ultra app.

In terms of company updates, Ultra noted that the critical testing phase has finally been completed. The platform’s beta version was closed to the public, and it opened it only for 100 players, including the existing Ultra Games testers, plus 50 new users. With this phase finally being completed, Ultra now welcomed a total of 500 new testers who will start adding new content to the marketplace.

However, in order to test the ease of use for newcomers to the crypto industry, the project will focus on selecting players who are unfamiliar with NFT marketplaces and how they work. The goal here is to see whether its own Uniq Marketplace is user-friendly enough for anyone to be able to successfully find their way around.

Furthermore, Ultra also announced the Alpha DroidZ Dropping. Essentially, for the second phase of beta, which still remains closed for everyone other than the new 500 players, the project will offer a new collection of Uniqs called Alpha DroidZ, which will offer players a chance to win Galaxy Droidz when the collection gets live.

And, finally, the first exclusive game has been revealed. According to Ultra, it recently partnered with Avant Labs, which is a studio that develops blockchain games and player stories. The partnership will result in the distribution of an FPS game Elarium, which will feature its own NFTs.

Speaking of new partnerships, Ultra also announced that it joined forces with Clarity Games, which is another blockchain game studio building Inferno. This is a PvE/PvP game adaptation of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. The game will be fully decentralized, featuring a Play-To-Earn model, and added to Ultra’s growing library of supported games.

In terms of development updates, the project is introducing new Uniqs for its Uniq Marketplace. The first new introduction is a new Uniq carousel admin tool for better managing what is displayed on the marketplace. Then, the project also revealed that it is working on a feature that will allow for seamless transfer of Uniqs, allowing players to easily send them to their friends.

Finally, Uniqs are getting better animations, it will be significantly easier to find them, and alike. The project will also introduce a new feature for its NFT standard, which will be ready to be deployed with the next release. Other features for easy handling of its platform are also to be introduced, such as Search, Back to the Top, and alike. A lot more is coming, and Ultra will undoubtedly announce new developments in future Ultra Notes, which is why it invited community members to keep a watchful eye for new releases.

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