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Former tZERO VP John Tabacco Becomes CDO for Investview




Investview Appoints John Tabacco as CDO

The security token sector just got a little bigger after this week’s announcement that Investview appointed former tZERO VP, John Tabacco as Chief Digital Officer (CDO). The decision to recruit Tabacco as CDO falls in line with the growing trend of traditional financial institutions entering the blockchain market. It also showcases Investview’s advantageous approach to the crypto space.

Investview raised eyebrows amongst the cryptocommunity after announcing its entry into the market. Company executives stated that the firm seeks to be a “leading participant” in the global digital currency arena. As the CDO, Tabacco’s tasks will include guiding the development of the company’s blockchain strategy. Investview seeks to develop a blockchain ecosystem in the coming months.

Investview Enters the Crypto Space

Notably, Investview intends to enter the market in a major way. Already the company announced plans to provide users with a compliant crypto trading platform which includes digital currency and security token integration. Additionally, the firm wants to host a series of educational and awareness programs.

John Tabacco via Twitter

John Tabacco via Twitter

25+ Years of Experience – Tabacco

There is no doubt that Tabacco will call upon his over 25 years of experience to provide recommendations and guidance. A quick glimpse at Tabacco’s resume and it’s easy to see that he possesses the experience to bring Investview’s plans to fruition.

Discussing the decision, Tobacco spoke on his network throughout the blockchain community. He said that he intends to leverage these relationships to expedite Investview’s entry into the blockchain sector.

Innovation is King – Tabacco

Tabacco also discussed Investview and its forward-looking stance. He stated, “I have not seen a better platform than the Investview ecosystem to implement the education and innovation I envision.”


Tabacco was also a critical player in the founding of the Medici crypto ecosystem. He operated as the firm’s VP of technology. These tasks included working directly with developers. Consequently, his team received numerous blockchain patents during the development of the platform.

Importantly, Tabacco currently host’s a popular cable-TV show – LiquidLunch. The show has been on the air for 15 years with a reach of around 100 million households. The program extends his network to a global audience.

Tabacco – Impressive Resume

Tabacco wasn’t the only company executive to speak on the appointment. Investview’s CEO, Annette Raynor touched on Tobaccos’ impressive resume. She explained that his experience will be paramount in the execution of the company’s blockchain strategy.

Notably, she spoke on Investview’s plan to provide affordable and reliable big data, digital currencies, and processing services to the market.


Investview is a FinTech firm that offers a wide range of enterprise-level products to the public. The company is publicly traded under INVU: OTCQB. The company seeks to operate in full compliance and has filed multiple times with the SEC.  Recently, the company appointed Jayme McWidener, CPA, as its Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Smart Moves

Investview appears to have a successful strategy in place. Hiring Tabacco was an excellent way to ensure the company accomplishes its tasks in the most efficient way possible. You can expect to see this platform operational in the coming year.

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David Hamilton is a full-time journalist and a long-time bitcoinist. He specializes in writing articles on the blockchain. His articles have been published in multiple bitcoin publications including

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Custodial Specialists ‘Copper’ Draws $8M in Investments through Series A





Custodial specialist, Copper, has recently announced the successful completion of their Series A round of funding.

The team at Copper has indicated that the funds raised during this event will be put to use in two key areas.

  • Global expansion
    • Specifically North America and Asia
  • Product development
    • Investment options targets towards institutional clients

The Details

The completion of their Series A came in to the tune of $8 million.  These funds bring the total raised, to date, by Copper up to, roughly, $9.3 million.

In order to raise the $8 million, Copper saw the participation of multiple companies with high hopes in what they look to achieve.  Contributors are as follows:

  • Target Global
  • LocalGlobe
  • MMC Ventures


Upon announcing the results of their Series A, Dmitry Tokarev, CEO of Copper, took the time to comment.  He stated,

Copper was always designed to be a global offering. Since 2017, we have seen many crypto custody solutions emerge that don’t fully meet the needs of institutions. Instead, they have built for an institutional framework that doesn’t exist yet, and is unlikely ever to, leaving institutions discouraged…Our Walled Garden and Prime Brokerage infrastructure truly looks after the security and trading needs of institutions, regardless of their investment strategies and goals. We are seeing volumes increase as our clients see the advantage of our prime brokerage solution, which allows them to make transactions across many trading venues securely and efficiently.”

He continued,

“This venture funding round is a real vote of confidence from investors. Their support will allow us to accelerate our scale up, hiring teams in key regions and introducing new products and services to better meet their needs.”


As the digital securities sector grows, an increasing amount of participants will require secure, trusted, services for storing their assets.  As a result, the custodianship of digital assets has been noted as an important area in which development must take place.

While Copper remains one of the more promising outfits looking to tackle the issues surrounding custody, there remain various competitors developing alongside them.  For example, the following article takes a brief look at some of the leading offerings in the market today, including Coinbase, TokenSoft, Anchorage, Unbound Tech, and of course – Copper.

Custodianship – A Look at Various Industry Solutions


Founded in 2018, Copper, maintains operations in London, United Kingdom.  Above all, Copper specializes in offering services tailored around the custodianship of digital assets.

CEO, Dmitry Tokarev, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

There is a clear growing interest in digital assets, and the services surrounding them.  This has been made obvious by multiple successful Series A raises in recent months – Demonstrating a strong belief in the future of blockchain based endeavours.  The following are just a few examples of these successful capital generation events.

Securitize Receives Backing from Sony

Horizon Globex Shakes Up the Team, While Hosting a Successful Series A

Securrency Pulls in $17.75 During Successful Series A

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Smartlands Begins Realignment with Eyes on Liechtenstein Blockchain Act




Smartlands Begins Realignment with Eyes on Liechtenstein Blockchain Act

A Diverse Framework

Like any forward thinking company, tokenization platform, Smartlands, is in a constant state of growth.  This means pivoting with developments seen in the digital securities sector, in an effort to continue providing their clientele with the best experience possible.

With this in mind, the team at Smartlands recently announced that they would be looking to capitalize on friendly regulation, towards tokenization, put forth by Liechtenstein.

The company states that they are looking to ‘revise and expand legal framework’.  Furthermore, they will ‘base future projects on Liechtenstein Law’.

Ilia Obraztsov, CEO of Smartlands, elaborates,

“We remain believers in crowdfunding…but dwelling on our past successes is not in Smartlands’ book. We’re excited about the possibilities the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act presents to investors and issuers in regards to direct tokenisation of any asset using blockchain tokens as containers for any assets. Armed with cutting-edge legislation for investment funds, the Liechtenstein jurisdiction is ideal for structuring basically any financial product on blockchain there may be. Liechtenstein SICAVs (or open-ended funds) are industry standard and one of the most popular types of funds in the EU. SICAVs can be used as umbrella funds for multiple sub-funds. Such structure provides an efficient and fast way to introduce new investment ideas and opportunities on blockchain in one of the most prestigious fund jurisdictions. It is possible to tokenise any assets with a dedicated sub-fund.”

Platform Alignment

News of a platform ‘realignment’ surrounding Smartlands was first divulged by the team in early 2020.  While 2019 was a year of great growth for the digital securities sector, it, unfortunately, did not live up to the expectations of many.

Looking to realize this growth, in 2020, Smartlands announced this realignment of their actions, to better serve high-net worth individuals, firm, etc. – as opposed to the retail investor.  This, however, does not mean that the company is also pivoting away completely from retail based crowdfunding.

Yaroslava Tkalich, CMO of Smartlands, states,

“Crowdfunding is a very exciting area of fundraising, particularly in the UK with the country’s dense financial markets and tight regulations. Those preconditions allow us to involve all types of retail investors in campaigns for tokenised shares in virtually any asset class.”

High Hopes

The ‘Token and TT Service Provider Act; TVTG’ or ‘Liechtenstein Blockchain Act’, which has resulted in Smartlands rethinking their strategies, was originally announced by the Liechtenstein government in mid-2018.  The framework established through its implementation, however, only recently came into effect in January 2020.

The act was specifically structured by the Liechtenstein government, to allow for expected growth in the world of blockchain.  This meant writing an Act that while broad, would still allow for appropriate protections to be put into place.

At the time of its announcement, the Liechtenstein government stated,

“Because of the rapid pace of development of blockchain technology and its areas of application, it is very important to draft a law abstractly enough to ensure that it remains applicable for subsequent technology generations. That is why the term “transaction systems based on trustworthy technologies (TT systems)” is used for blockchain systems in this law. Due to the enormous potential of blockchain as a basic technology, the Government has decided to create a legal basis for the areas of application of the token economy and not only to regulate current applications, in particular crypto-currencies or initial coin offerings (ICOs). The goal is to ensure that a new law does not have to be created for every case of application, but also to create legal certainty for the many cases which are only just beginning to emerge in practice and are likely to develop in the near future. However, the Government is leaving open the option of regulating applications close to the financial market in a further step.”

The flexibility afforded through this Act is expected to attract many companies, similar to Smartlands, throughout the coming year, as they look to tokenize basically anything and everything.  Smartlands is simply one of the first to publically announce their intent.


Founded in 2017, Smartlands maintains operations in London, England.  Above all, Smartlands acts as a tokenization platform, operating under the watch of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

CEO, Ilia Obraztsov, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

Beyond growth in their market approach, Smartlands has been hard at work on, not only viable consumer products, but the tokenization of real estate projects.  The following articles are examples of each of these.

Smartee Looks to Change the Way Investors Store, Use, and Access, Digital Assets

Tokenizing London Penthouses and Greek Island Villas

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Fairmint Launches with High Hopes for the ‘Continuous Securities Offering (CSO)’




Fairmint Launches with High Hopes for the 'Continuous Securities Offering (CSO)'

Companies are always trying to come up with new ways to bring ease and efficiency to raising capital.  With regards to blockchain based endeavours, we have seen the ICO, IEO, the STO, and now, what is being called the CSO.

This novel way of raising capital is the brainchild of funding portal, Fairmint – A platform that went live only days ago.

Fairmint describes their solution as “a turnkey cloud-based web application that enables companies to raise funding through a CSO with confidence and minimal effort.”

How does it differ?

The main differentiator between a CSO and an event such as an ICO, are the rights bestowed upon token holders.

For investors that do take part in a CSO through Fairmint, compensation is awarded in the form of a security token.  These tokens represent a proportional share to future revenue, generated by the company, and made liquid through the use of a reserve fund.

In order to provide investors with access to future revenue, a company must be forward thinking.  This is because they are required to create/generate a reserve of funds, leading up to the CSO.  This fund then acts as pool which provides guaranteed buying and selling capabilities.

While companies are required to purchase back tokens after a set period of time, holders have the ability to continuously trade these while the CSO is active.

By tailoring tokens in this manner, Fairmint likens the process to ‘decoupling equity from funding’.

Wrench in the Gears

The reliance on revenue does, potentially, throw a wrench in the gears of would-be applicants.  For the model to succeed, a company must have the means of, both, generating a financial reserve, and a clear path towards sustainable revenue.

While some may perceive these requirements as a burden, they do serve as a means for weeding out many projects that don’t necessarily have a bright future – regardless of how intriguing they may be.

The Appeal

Fairmint notes that there are various advantages when capital is raised through a CSO, versus more traditional means.  The following are a few short excerpts from Fairmint literature, describing what some of these benefits are.


  • Founders get financing without sacrificing ownership of the company. They also get a vehicle to align the company’s wellbeing with their stakeholders and customers.


  • Investors get liquidity, so that they can buy and sell whenever they want within the boundaries set by securities law in the applicable jurisdictions


  • Stakeholders – such as employees and platform users – get access to a security that lets them participate financially in the company’s growth.

The Handbook

For those intrigued by the potential benefits of a CSO, Fairmint has literature which delves into greater detail than this brief article.

Access to this handbook can be found HERE


Founded in 2019, Fairmint maintains headquarters in San Francisco, California.  Above all, the company acts as a funding portal, providing companies with a place to generate capital in a compliant manner.

CEO, Thibauld Favre, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

As made evident throughout this article, there are various methods which a company can use to generate capital.

In a past contribution to our on-going ‘Thought Leaders’ series, Liza Aizupiete, Managing Director of Fintelum, took the time to elaborate more thoroughly on some of these methods.

STOs vs Crowdfunding, ICOs & IEOs

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