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Former tZERO VP John Tabacco Becomes CDO for Investview

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Investview Appoints John Tabacco as CDO

The security token sector just got a little bigger after this week's announcement that Investview appointed former tZERO VP, John Tabacco as Chief Digital Officer (CDO). The decision to recruit Tabacco as CDO falls in line with the growing trend of traditional financial institutions entering the blockchain market. It also showcases Investview's advantageous approach to the crypto space.

Investview raised eyebrows amongst the cryptocommunity after announcing its entry into the market. Company executives stated that the firm seeks to be a “leading participant” in the global digital currency arena. As the CDO, Tabacco's tasks will include guiding the development of the company's blockchain strategy. Investview seeks to develop a blockchain ecosystem in the coming months.

Investview Enters the Crypto Space

Notably, Investview intends to enter the market in a major way. Already the company announced plans to provide users with a compliant crypto trading platform which includes digital currency and security token integration. Additionally, the firm wants to host a series of educational and awareness programs.

John Tabacco via Twitter

John Tabacco via Twitter

25+ Years of Experience – Tabacco

There is no doubt that Tabacco will call upon his over 25 years of experience to provide recommendations and guidance. A quick glimpse at Tabacco's resume and it’s easy to see that he possesses the experience to bring Investview's plans to fruition.

Discussing the decision, Tobacco spoke on his network throughout the blockchain community. He said that he intends to leverage these relationships to expedite Investview's entry into the blockchain sector.

Innovation is King – Tabacco

Tabacco also discussed Investview and its forward-looking stance. He stated, “I have not seen a better platform than the Investview ecosystem to implement the education and innovation I envision.”


Tabacco was also a critical player in the founding of the Medici crypto ecosystem. He operated as the firm's VP of technology. These tasks included working directly with developers. Consequently, his team received numerous blockchain patents during the development of the platform.

Importantly, Tabacco currently host's a popular cable-TV show – LiquidLunch. The show has been on the air for 15 years with a reach of around 100 million households. The program extends his network to a global audience.

Tabacco – Impressive Resume

Tabacco wasn't the only company executive to speak on the appointment. Investview's CEO, Annette Raynor touched on Tobaccos' impressive resume. She explained that his experience will be paramount in the execution of the company's blockchain strategy.

Notably, she spoke on Investview's plan to provide affordable and reliable big data, digital currencies, and processing services to the market.


Investview is a FinTech firm that offers a wide range of enterprise-level products to the public. The company is publicly traded under INVU: OTCQB. The company seeks to operate in full compliance and has filed multiple times with the SEC.  Recently, the company appointed Jayme McWidener, CPA, as its Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Smart Moves

Investview appears to have a successful strategy in place. Hiring Tabacco was an excellent way to ensure the company accomplishes its tasks in the most efficient way possible. You can expect to see this platform operational in the coming year.

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