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TreeBR DSO Goes Live as Polymath, STO Market, and Montis Digital Each Hire New Talent – Digital Securities Weekly

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Team Building

A great idea is only as good as the team behind it.  With that in mind, various players in the digital securities sector have begun to strategically fill open positions.

Polymath recently kicked things off with the naming of a new Chief Executive Officer – a position vacant since the departure of Trevor Koverko months ago.  Moving forward, it is now Vincent Kadar that will steer the ship at Polymath, leveraging over a decade of past experience in similar positions.  Notably, this appointment comes at an important point in time for Polymath with the company just releasing its long anticipated purpose-built blockchain ‘Polymesh’.

Over at STO Market, a new ‘Head of Media’ was found in Megan Nyvold.  This is also a timely appointment as the team at STO Market looks to spread the word on its forthcoming security token offering – an event which appears to have already generated a hearty amount of interest.

Finally, Montis Digital (the newly formed subsidiary of Archax) has found both its ‘Head of Operations' in Steve Higgins, and its ‘Head of Product' in David Gest.  Montis Digital CEO Martin Watkins spoke on these appointments, stating,

“As we build out the next generation of digitally native post-trade infrastructure for capital markets leveraging blockchain technology, it was vital that we have the right people in place from both the product and operational perspectives.

Steve and David bring unrivalled expertise across both these areas, bringing significant first-hand experience of implementing innovative post-trade initiatives to the Montis senior management team, as we finalise our design and regulatory applications before the implementation phase of this exciting initiative kicks off.”

Overall, each of the above companies find themselves at critical junctures with the launching of a new blockchain, raising capital, and servicing of post-trade markets.  Hiring new and adept talent to see them through these times is a no-brainer.

TreeBR DSO Goes Live

Carbon offset investing is beginning to take off.  One company by the name of TreeBR is looking to build upon this interest by connecting land owners to investors through the tokenization of carbon credits.  It is planning to do so through its very own digital securities offering (DSO), which just went live.

This event will see digital securities known as ‘TREE’ issued on the Liquid Network, and subsequently traded on MERJ.  These tokens each provide holders with rights to 1-ton of carbon offset.

TreeBR CEO Ricardo Carvalho commented on this event, stating, TREE is the ideal way for Amazon Rainforest landowners to go to market. We think other impact initiatives will follow our direct model. Our ability to go directly to market via a global stock exchange and provide immutable transparency around the retirement process through the blockchain creates the most value for all stakeholders.”

This event will see 6,000,000 shares up for sale at $10 each, stemming from carbon credits associated with nearly 30,000 hectares of Brazilian rainforest.  TreeBR encourages eligible investors to take part in this DSO through USDC based purchases.