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TokenSoft Launches ‘Security Token Administrative Panel’ for Transfer Agents

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Support Tool for Transfer Agents

Today, tokenization and issuance platform, TokenSoft, has announced the launch of a new tool aimed towards facilitating activities undertaken by transfer agents.

With U.S. based transfer agents continuing to play a pivotal role within digital securities, any tools built to make their processes easier and more efficient are a welcome addition to the sector.

This tool, in particular, was built with the goal of creating a seamless transition for transfer agents that also deal with traditional securities. This means that they will have access to a dashboard, or ‘administrative panel’, embedded with the ability to issue and manage assets. Ideally, this progress will make the sector more enticing to existing transfer agents that are mulling an entrance into blockchain.

Naturally, the security token administrative panel is intended to function alongside other TokenSoft offerings, such as their Knox Wallet – which is detailed in the following article.

TokenSoft announces ‘Knox Wallet’ – A Mobile Custody Solution for Security Tokens


In their announcement, TokenSoft took the time to break down the functionality of this new tool. The following capabilities are what it affords transfer agents:

  • Compliance management
  • Theft/loss management
  • Asset monitoring in real time

Transfer Agents

For those interested in learning more about what a transfer agent does, and who they work alongside, check out the following article. Here, we briefly discuss a variety of roles assumed by companies, such as TokenSoft, throughout the digital securities sector.

Titles and Designations among Industry Participants


Upon making their announcement, multiple individuals from within and outside of TokenSoft took the time to share their thoughts on the development. The following is what they had to say on the matter.

Mason Borda, CEO of TokenSoft, stated,

“Since 2017, ensuring our clients can easily comply with securities laws has been our number one priority and that's why today we're announcing official support and a full set of features for SEC-registered Transfer Agents and their issuing clients.”

Jeff Bandman, CEO of BlockAgent, stated,

“Transfer Agents are a foundational element of financial services infrastructure. It is exciting to see TokenSoft provide technology support to enable Transfer Agents to support blockchain-based digital securities.”


TokenSoft is a San Francisco based company, which offers a variety of services surrounding digital securities, including both the tokenization, and issuance, of such assets.

Through backing by notable companies, such as Coinbase, and acquisition of companies, such as Marpine Securities, TokenSoft has begun to establish themselves as a viable candidate to lead the digital securities sector forward.

CEO, Mason Borda, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

In a continual effort to offer their clientele flexible solutions, TokenSoft recently announced the inclusion of various stablecoins into their supported assets. With stablecoins becoming increasingly popular among investors intrigued by digital securities, this move should prove to be key in the years ahead. The following article takes a closer look at this move.

TokenSoft Expands Support for Various Stablecoins

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