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Tokenization Workshop by TokenizeThis Summit – Live Streaming

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Tokenization Workshop by TokenizeThis Summit – Live Streaming

Scheduled from October 11-13, 2023, the TokenizeThis Summit aims to bridge both retail and institutional audiences worldwide.

The future of finance was explored in depth on Day 1 & 2, with a comprehensive agenda featuring panels, fireside chats, and keynotes, all meticulously crafted by the STM team to enlighten attendees about the far-reaching benefits and diverse applications of tokenization in capital markets.

Day 3 promises to deliver actionable information on how to tokenize security tokens and features a fireside chat with Carlos Domingo, the founder & CEO of Securitize, a regulatory-compliant platform for issuing and trading digital asset securities.

All Times are in EST Timezone (GMT -5:00)

Day 3 Agenda: Tokenization Workshop

10:15 – Workshop Overview
10:30 – Blockchain Explained by STM
11:00 – How to Tokenize by STA
12:00 – Fireside Chat with Carlos Domingo, Securitize
12:30 – Legal Overview in the US
1:00 – How WealthTech Seamlessly Integrates TradFi and Digital Assets
1:30 – Selecting a Blockchain
2:00 – Marketing and Distribution Channels for STOs
2:30: Liquidity Strategies
3:00: Summit Closing + Special Announcement

About TokenizeThis

TokenizeThis is the same team that is behind The Security Token Show, the longest-running and largest security token podcast in the industry, with 1,000 weekly recurring listeners and over 37,000 downloads from 47 countries.

Leveraging this viewership, Herwig & Kyle showcase the top headlines and research that industry insiders rely on to keep up to date with the ever-changing ecosystem behind digital securities.

About Digital Securities

Digital securities, often referred to as security tokens or tokenized securities, are digital assets that represent ownership in a real-world asset (like real estate, equity, or bonds) and are subject to securities regulations. They are a fusion of traditional financial instruments and blockchain technology.

Antoine is a futurist and the founding partner of & a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

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