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Theta Roundup: Binance.US Lists Theta Assets, DappRadar Officially Integrates Theta



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Recent developments around the Theta ecosystem:

DappRadar announces the inclusion of the Theta in its rankings

Last week, global decentralized applications store DappRadar announced that it had finally integrated Theta Network onto its listing via an official blog published on May 11. The dApp-focused platform previously teased the same in early March, inviting its users to learn more about Theta.

DappRadar is currently tracking five dApps built on Theta, including network-native decentralized exchanges ThetaSwap and VoltSwap, low cost NFT marketplaces ThetaDrop & OpenTheta, and gaming franchise Fables of Fyra. The platform will add more dApps with time.

By making data on the Theta blockchain readily available, DappRadar intends to empower its users with information on the most valuable tokens and applications on the network.

Theta NFT's community building is luring entertainment industry figures

In the NFT space, Theta Network is pushing one of the core concepts of blockchain technology-shared control. Theta is boosting shared control via its NFTs' use in building strong communities. The non-fungible tokens offered on Theta Network have proven reliable in fostering a community, particularly in the entertainment industry. Theta NFTs could potentially play the link between brands and help them achieve next-level results in their community-building efforts.

Theta NFTs for participatory communities

In celebration of its 20th running season, the popular talent show American Idol partnered with Theta Network to launch NFTs for its top 14 contestants. The NFTs were launched as trading card packs ($99 each) and allow holders to follow the journey of one of the competing' idols.'

The holders would also engage in a five-week competition themselves, with rewards to be measured by how far their tokens reach. Markedly, Theta NFTs have helped deliver a more immersive experience for the fan of the show than had been the case before. Previously, American Idol enthusiasts could only text or tweet about the show, but via Theta NFTs, a more involved user experience has been established.

Brands are working with this

As Theta NFTs have proven to provide a balanced approach that assures community inclusiveness and an appropriately-rewarded fan base, it's become a favorite for major brands seeking to enhance the community experiences they offer their users.

That, complemented by the fact that Theta allows immutable scripting of shareable fan memories for communities, has helped paint Theta as the go-to network for community engagement and management that Web 2 social media couldn't.

Theta is already on the entertainment path, having launched NFTs for pop singer Katy Perry, the World Poker Tour, and The Price is Right.

Binance.US lists THETA and TFUEL

Binance.US, the US arm of the largest cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform Binance, last week announced the listing of the native token the of Theta Network, THETA, and Theta Fuel (TFUEL) – the operational token of the network used to pay for transactions and smart contract computations on Theta.

The listing introduced THETA/USD, TFUEL/USDT, TFUEL/USD, and THETA/USDT trading pairs. Buying THETA and TFUEL via bank transfers, wires, and debit cards was also enabled, and the exchange confirmed that on May 9, deposits for the two tickers began flowing. Trading began 24 hours later, alongside an enabled ‘Buy Crypto' option for the users.

To learn more about Theta, visit our Investing in Theta guide.

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