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The Graph and NEAR Protocol to Launch NEAR Pathway on Figment



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The Graph (GRT)

The Graph and NEAR Protocol have recently published a major announcement, unveiling the results of their nearly year-long partnership. According to The Graph’s recent tweet, all NEAR Protocol developers are invited to join Figment — a project that is building staking and application layer solutions for developers and token holders interested in building and investing in the Web 3 technology.

The tweet offers developers the opportunity to enter the multi-chain future by using Figment to learn how to build subgraphs and organize data on NEAR, which is the first non-EVM blockchain that The Graph has added support for. The so-called NEAR Pathway is now live on Figment’s platform, and is waiting to educate a new wave of developers, and allow them the opportunity to contribute to the development of Web 3.

Who are NEAR and The Graph?

As mentioned, NEAR and The Graph have been partnered for nearly a year now, after announcing it on February 18th, 2021. Back then, NEAR published a blog post explaining that the two aim to bring indexing and querying to the NEAR blockchain.

As most likely know, NEAR’s purpose is to enable community-driven innovation from which people around the entire world would be able to benefit. It is a decentralized platform that secures high-value assets, including money, identity, and more, with a performance that makes them useful for everyday people.

Meanwhile, The Graph is a search engine API for blockchains, and its purpose is to solve the issue of analyzing on-chain data by indexing it off-chain by using a distributed network of actors. The project’s developers, indexers, and curators are all coordinated and incentivized through the use of GRT utility token in a system that was created to guarantee reliable, honest data for dApp developers.

What does Figment’s new learning initiative have to offer?

Figment is offering a very simple way to earn how to use The Graph + NEAR Pathway, in addition to already offering The Graph 101 program. Essentially, anyone who wishes to learn the basics can do so through code.

The platform also has a number of tutorials on a variety of topics, courses, community tutorials, and more. Apart from NEAR, the project also offers Web 3 education for other projects, including Avalanche, Celo, Ceramic, Cosmos, Mina, Oasis, Polkadot, Polygon, Secret, Solana, Terra, Tezos, and The Graph itself. Even education for Ethereum itself is about to come soon, and allow users to learn Web 3 the easy way.

Figment’s educational content is generally considered to be among the best in the industry for onboarding people when it comes to Web 3 technologies. The project is also constantly looking for new people who have Web 3 experience and are willing to share it with the platform, and therefore other developers who are seeking education and secrets of the trade. Of course, contributors will also be able to earn token rewards of the networks they care about the most.

To learn more about this token visit our Investing in The Graph guide.

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