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The Future Security Token Lottery

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Everyday business systems continue to change thanks to the development of security tokens. The headlines surrounding these tokens usually focus on changes in traditional business sectors such as real estate, digital securities, and equity offerings. While these tokens are excellent for accomplishing those tasks, security tokens fit another popular industry perfectly – the lottery. Consequently, this billion dollar industry is set for a transformation over the coming months thanks to the efforts of some creative minds in the cryptospace, and a new security token lottery platform.

A strategic partnership between and the Securitize could transform the lottery market forever. Currently, is the largest provider of lottery result in the world. The project’s developers seek to create an international lottery which utilizes blockchain technology to improve transparency, reduce workload, and increase scalability. Users of the new security token lottery Dapp can play on a global scale. The platform is unlike anything else currently in use.

San-Francisco based's platform entered the market in February 2015 with the goal of creating a mobile platform for monitoring lottery results and playing games. Currently, The company's app dominates the lottery sector. The app includes a number of time-saving features including anytime cash outs, jackpot notifications, and non-losable tickets. Blockchain technology allows for new levels of transparency for gamers in the future and higher-accessibility. Additionally, the integration significantly decreases the workload for Automated payouts and blockchain consensus are two huge advantages that can't ignore.

Security Token Lottery recently completed a private funding STO through the Securitize STO platform for the development of their new mobile lottery Dapp. The development of the Dapp is headed by the company's subsidiary, LDC Crypto. already reached out to multiple blockchain firms to make the project a reality. To ensure a timely release, the company has employed strategic partnerships with Cooley, Vo1t, iHeartMedia, GateHouse Media, and CauseCast.

Security Token Lottery

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The STO offered private investors 7-percent of the Net Raffle Revenue on's new Global Impact Raffle. The Global Impact Raffle gathers gaming information from multiple websites across the world. The platform allows users to game in a variety of different ways. According to developers, the platform will include sport franchise games, charities, and NGO's. The Global Impact Raffle rewards participants for their contributions, similarly to how Steemit users receive Steem for their content. To ensure that all participants are regulated, the security tokens include comprehensive regulations and each offering passes through a licensed FINRA broker. FINRA is the broker regulatory authority.

Tony DiMatteo's CEO Tony DiMatteo is no stranger to the cryptomarket. Earlier in the year, the outspoken blockchain proponent co-headlined the ChainXChange conference at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas with Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak. At the conference, DiMatteo spoke on the revolutionary nature of blockchain technology. He also touched on the impact of his new platform on the industry.

Feeling Lucky

Future lottery winners can expect huge windfalls once the Global Impact Raffle is operational. Global lottery pools have the potential to reach new heights. saw the advantages security tokens bring to their industry. Recognizing the opportunity, they positioned the company to dominate the sector for years to come with this latest maneuver.

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