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Swarm Partners with BlackBox Labs to Bring Digital Securities to Asia

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Digital Assets in Southeast Asia

Many have marked security token offerings as a growing trend for 2019. This holds true, not only in North America, but in Asia as well. Recognizing this, Swarm, has developed a strategic partnership with BlackBox Labs.

This partnership will see BlackBox Labs leverage their knowledge and reputation in Southeast Asia, to help onboard interested investors to the Swarm platform.

With a population showing great interest in modern finance, the partnership will bring a developed and trusted platform, offered by Swarm, to the masses. It will enable investors of any ilk to gain exposure to digital securities. As well as providing start-ups with access to greater funding pools populated by ‘swarms’ of investors.


The CEOs of both Swarm and BlackBox Labs took the time in their press release to comment on the strategic partnership discussed here today.

Philipp Pieper, Cofounder & CEO of Swarm, stated,

“Swarm’s free tokenization model and open infrastructure were designed to lower barriers and make it easy for local experts to plug in. We’re thrilled to partner with the team at BlackBox Labs as they leverage their expertise and our technology to help unlock the multi-billion dollar opportunity in digital securities in South East Asia.”

Glen Liu Zhenquan, CEO of BlackBox Labs, stated,

“With the right infrastructure, collaborative network, and regulatory set ups, the potential for a tokenized economy in Southeast Asia is immense. We are extremely excited to be collaborating with Swarm in bringing forth a revolutionary tokenized economy.”

BlackBox Labs

BlackBox Labs is a Bangkok based company that was founded in 2018. The company strives to advance the digital securities sector through their work with, not only SMEs, but VC firms and Governments alike. Through these working relationships, BlackBox Labs acts as a technology advisory firm.


Swarm is a California based company that was founded in 2018 by Philipp Pieper and Timo Lehes. Philipp Pieper also holds a role on the advisory team for BlackBox Labs.

The company has created a decentralized market place through the development of services ranging from tokenization, sales, issuance, and token management.

In a bid to help the development of the digital securities sector, Swarm recently decided to make tokenization free through their platform. Philipp Pieper stated at the time, “In the year since Swarm launched, we have seen overwhelming global demand from projects seeking to issue digital securities. We’ve also seen significant barriers in the cost and complexity of compliant issuance solutions. To meet that demand and scale the adoption of digital securities, we have designed a way to not only make tokenization free, but to reward token issuers in the process.”

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