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Stellar Invests in DSTOQ in Bid to Bring Security Tokens to Emerging Markets

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It was recently announced that DSTOQ has received a hearty investment from the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF).

This marks the inaugural investment through the SDF’s ‘enterprise fund’ – a fund built to identify, and foster growth, in Stellar based use-cases.  The fund was initially comprised of 10 billion XLM (Stellar’s native token), prior to their partnering with DSTOQ.

The use case presented by DSTOQ, which caught the attention of the SDF, is their blockchain based platform which is built to provide ‘accessible and affordable investing’.  This is done through a platform granting access to, not only traditional stocks, but to high potential security tokens.


This particular investment is comprised of $715,000 worth of XLM.  It is important to note that funds doled out through the enterprise fund do not represent grants, but rather true investments.  As such, the SDF notes that, “Direct investments and acquisitions will give SDF special influence over the funding recipients.”

Financial Inclusion

Something that sets this development apart is the underlying ethos demonstrated by DSTOQ.  While many companies involved with blockchain based endeavors are consumed with the idea of facilitating institutional adoption, DSTOQ has set their sights on economic parity.

As a result, DSTOQ has a keen focus on emerging markets.  In their announcement, the SDF and DSTOQ note the specific markets in which they hope to affect positive change.  These included,

  • Vietnam
  • South Africa (w/ future African growth)
  • South America
  • Asia


Upon announcing the Stellar Development Foundation's investment in DSTOQ, representatives from each side took the time to comment.  The following is what they had to say on the matter.

Denelle Dixon, CEO the Stellar Development Foundation, stated,

“At SDF, we seek to unlock the world’s economic potential by making money more fluid, markets more open, and people more empowered. DSTOQ’s sharp focus on cross-border investing and their unique approach to helping people in emerging markets to gain access to investment opportunities abroad speaks directly to our mission at SDF. Together, we hope to improve the lives of millions of people while simultaneously creating exciting new business opportunities.”

Craig Mc Gregor, CEO of DSTOQ, stated,

“We are grateful for SDF’s vote of confidence and continued support towards our shared vision of building and improving the global financial system. Together, DSTOQ and SDF aim to improve financial inclusion in markets that desperately need better access to global products. For too long these markets have been ignored – we look forward to changing that with this exciting technology.”

Similar Events

These days, it seems like companies with promising tech-laden platforms, which open new possibilities for potential investors, are all the rage.  We’ve discussed Stellar’s investment in DSTOQ here today, and only recently were discussing similar events, as SIX invested/partnered with Omniex.

While each of the developments revolve around the adoption of digital assets, they do vary in their approach, as previously discussed.  While Stellar and DSTOQ are gearing their work towards developing markets, SIX and Omniex have targeted institutional adoption.

To learn more about these two companies, and their varying approach, make sure to peruse the following article.

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Built as an open-source blockchain, Stellar has managed to become one of the most popular networks since its launch in 2015.  The network has seen adoption through many avenues, resulting in the development of a stout supporting community.  This has provided the ability to embark on new endeavors, such as the Stellar Enterprise Fund, which was utilized in the news discussed here today.

Jed McCaleb, Cofounder of Stellar, took the opportunity to comment on the use of their technology to support financial inclusion.  He stated,

“DSTOQ is making markets accessible to new geographies, connecting the world’s global infrastructure in an exciting and innovative way. We are really excited to see companies like DSTOQ take the use cases for our technology to the next level.”


Founded in 2016, DSTOQ maintains operations in Berlin and Liechtenstein.  The company primarily operates  as a regulated exchange, offering clients the ability to invest in a variety of financial instruments – such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, and more.

CEO, Craig Mc Gregor, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

Today’s news is not the first time that we have seen the adoption of Stellar, in relation to digital securities.  The following articles shed light on a few of these previous events, as popular platforms, Smartlands and Wevest, joined the Stellar party in 2019.

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