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Security Token Summit – Brought to you by The Goren Holm Group.

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Security Token Summit, LLC

As the world of blockchain continues to grow, so does the need/interest for specialized conferences. These events allow industry players to network and share ideas on where the industry is, where it should be, and the path to get there.

With that in mind, we have now seen the creation of the ‘Security Token Summit, LLC’. This is an event taking place in early April of 2019. It will see leaders within the digital securities sector gather, and discuss industry issues and solutions.

This event will be taking place at the Ritz-Carlton, in Los Angeles, California. It is being hosted by the Goren-Holm Group, and is a one day event, limited to 500 attendees.

For those interested in attending, check out the event site HERE.


The agenda for the event indicates that it is anticipated that there will be 4 keynote speakers @ 30 minutes each. In addition, there will be 7 panels @ 45 minutes each.

While the list may grow, there is already an impressive line-up of people scheduled to speak at the conference. Listed alphabetically, here are those already confirmed to be speaking.

1.       Ami Ben David2.       Tal Elyashiv3.       Carlos Domingo4.       Jamie Finn
5.       Jor Law6.       David Weild7.       Amy Wan8.       Andrew Dix


This group of speakers boasts decades of experience within their respective fields, and should command an attentive audience.

There is clearly a strong influence on the part of Securitize, as the company sees all three of its cofounders (David, Domingo, Finn) speaking during the event. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Securitize is one of the leading companies within the sector.

Advisory Group

A strong advisory group supports the organizers.  This group is populated by various industry leaders such as…

Ami Ben David

David Weild

  • Vice Chairman of NASDAQ

Jor Law

Crypto Invest Summit

It should be noted that this new event is being hosted by the creators of the wildly successful ‘Crypto Invest Summit’.

The last Crypto Invest Summit saw more than 4500 registrants, resulting in much of the event being standing-room only. With the shift in focus towards digital securities being seen as of late, it is reasonable to expect that Security Token Summit will be similar in popularity.

While Crypto Invest Summit focuses on cryptocurrencies at large, this new event will have a more ‘dialed-in’ perspective. Security Token Summit will concentrate more on issues unique to the sector such as custody, token standards, issuance, compliance, and more. If you missed this summit we will list future conferences on our STO Summit page.

Goren Holm Group

Josef Holm and Alon Goren founded the ‘Goren Holm Group' a private equity firm.  In August of 2018, the group launch a new arm known as Goren Holm Ventures (GHV). This new branch was created with a specific focus on investments directly related to the development of the blockchain industry.

Joshua Stoner is a multi-faceted working professional. He has a great interest in the revolutionary 'blockchain' technology.